Information for Graduate Students regarding Theses & Projects

Theses & Project Submission Requirements

In order to fulfill your requirements for graduation, the following documentation must be submitted to your graduate program office:

  1. One unbound original thesis / original project
  2. One bound thesis / original project
  3. One electronic version of approved thesis / original project (PDF format)
  4. University of Lethbridge Permission to Host, Photocopy and Lend [pdf] [Completed Form]

    Steps 5 & 6 are only required for theses submissions

  5. Thesis Non-Exclusive License [pdf] [Completed Form]
  6. ProQuest Subject Code form [pdf] [optional]

Graduate Program Office Locations

These offices will in turn supply the Library with copies of the Thesis/Project as well as documentation required to fulfill the National Library of Canada* filing requirements.

Other Information

Detailed requirement information (e.g., format regulations, use of copyrighted material, binding guidelines, binderies) and required forms for completing a Thesis or Project are available from the School of Graduate Studies (see Forms and the Policies & Guidelines for each graduate program).

Copies of theses, dissertations and projects are made available in print at the University Library (print) and electronically from the University of Lethbridge Institutional Repository. Copies of theses are also submitted to the National Library of Canada for microfilming.

* Additional information on the National Library of Canada’s theses program is also available from the Theses Canada website - Information for Students web page.

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