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    Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database (AGRASID)
    Agriculture and Rural Development
    A database describing the spatial distribution of soils and associated landscapes within the agricultural region of Alberta (an area of approximately 26M ha.).

    Air Photos
    Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
    Air Photo Distribution makes available all the aerial photographs that have been taken for the provincial government. The collection contains over 1.5 million aerial photographs covering the entire province of Alberta dating back to 1949. Air photos can be searched for online and purchased either in hard copies or digital formats.

    Alberta Airphoto Collection
    University of Calgary
    The Alberta Online Airphoto Collection consists of about 32,000 copyright-cleared images from the University of Calgary Library's collection of about one million airphotos. The images cover mainly urban areas in Alberta, flown at various scales and years between 1922 and 1956. Some airphotos from sets have not been digitized but physical copies can be viewed at MADGIC at MacKimmie Library, Calgary.

    Alberta Geological Survey GIS Shapefiles
    Alberta Geological Survey
    Includes surficial and bedrock geology, sediment thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology and mineral resources. Geology maps and GIS shapefiles are available for different NTS areas of Alberta.

    AltaLIS - Alberta Boundary Data
    Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd. (SDW)
    GeoAdministrative boundaries include such land areas as crown reservations, forest management units, parks, wildlife management units, etc. See also selected AltaLIS datasets provided through the GEODE consortium (AltaLIS) that are available in the University of Lethbridge Library Spatial Data Collection.

    Canada-Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Monitoring Information Portal
    Government of Canada/Government of Alberta
    Includes maps of the monitoring region, details of the monitoring sites, the most up-to-date data collected by scientists in the field, and scientific analysis and interpretation of the data and results. Data is available in .csv format.

    Edmonton Open Data Catalogue
    The City of Edmonton
    This catalogue provides access to City managed datasets in machine-readable formats - datasets can be filtered by date, keyword or category. Data is available in XLS and KML as well as one-click mapping in Google and Bing.

    GeoDiscover Alberta
    Government of Alberta
    Provides one clear online access point to different types of maps, services and geographic information related to the province of Alberta. The type of maps and geographic information include Rivers, Streams & Lakes; Imagery; Land Use; Townships, Ranges & Legal Subdivisions; Geological as well as license agreements on select resources.

    Maps and Data Summaries
    Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
    Includes river basins, runoff, reservoir storage, natural flow, precipitation and snow course data. Data can be viewed in PDF format and/or downloaded in .csv format.

    Oldman River Regional Services Commission
    Oldman River Regional Services Commission
    View the planning information, bylaws and related maps for 38 municipalities (29 urban and 9 rural) in southwestern Alberta. Be sure to click on the links to individual municipality websites for access to additional maps of interest - for example: County of Lethbridge - Online Maps.

    Open Data Catalogue
    The City of Calgary
    This is the City of Calgary's pilot Public Data Catalogue (PDC) initiative - Data provided here is available in a number of formats and currently is primarily geospatial in nature.

    Resource Data Product Catalogue
    Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
    Includes biophysical, forest and vegetation inventories, geo-administrative, hydrological, hypsography, land use, land survey and photogrammetric datasets. Data provided is mostly in ESRI — File Geodatabase/Shapefile format.

British Columbia

    B.C. Digital Geology Maps
    B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines
    Digital regional compilations of the geology of B.C. at 1:250,000 scale.

    Government of B.C.
    DataBC provides enterprise spatial and open data services for the Province of BC and is the portal for accessing geospatial data in the BC Geographic Warehouse.

    Government of B.C.
    GeoBC provides produces foundational Geospatial data that is either distributed via DataBC or sold via the Base Map Online Store.

    Nanaimo Data Catalogue
    City of Nanaimo
    The City has a strong history of making data available, from building permit and business license searches, to geographic information in CityMap and Google Earth, through to fire incident reporting and more.

    Vancouver Open Data Catalogue
    City of Vancouver
    This catalogue provides access to City managed datasets in machine-readable formats - data is available in XLS and KML as well as one-click mapping in Google and Bing.


    GIS Map Gallery
    Manitoba's Mineral Resources
    The Surficial Geology Compilation Map Series (SGCMS) addresses an increasing demand for consistent surficial geology information at scales of 1:250,000, 1:500,000 and 1:1,000,000.

Manitoba Land Initiative
Government of Manitoba
Access to geospatial information from the government of Manitoba. Must register for use.

New Brunswick

    Service New Brunswick
    GeoNB is the Province of New Brunswick's gateway to geographic information and related value-added applications.

Northwest Territories

    Northwest Territories Centre for Geomatics
    Provides access to the GNWT Spatial Data Warehouse of geographic data of the NWT.

Nova Scotia

    GeoNOVA Portal
    Government of Nova Scotia
    This tool allows users to download data according to the boundaries of their choosing such as municipality, community name, a Nova Scotia 1:10,000 map sheet, or by keying in specific map coordinates. Users may then select map data from any combination of the available products for their download. Additional options are available for map file format and preferred coordinate system.


    Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office
    Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office (C-NGO)
    C-NGO activities include acquisition, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of geoscience data; thematic studies, geoscience information management, preparation of geoscience maps and scientific reports, and community outreach activities.


Prince Edward Island
    GIS Data Layers
    The Government of Prince Edward Island
    Provides access to GIS data and other geospatial services, both for free and at cost.

    Ministere des affaires municipales
    The maps of the province consist of provincial electoral boundaries, school commission boundaries, the Census metropolitan areas (RMR) and the regional municipalities (MRCs). The maps of the regions consist of a map of each administrative region of Québec and the Metropolitain communities of Montreal and Québec. The maps of the territory movements "mouvements de territoires", consist of maps depicting the municipal fusions in the Québec cities. In French.

    GeoSask Portal
    Government of Saskatchewan
    GeoSask is a centralized public website that provides one clear online access point to different types of maps and geographic information related to Saskatchewan land from across various government sources. GeoSask is free to search and download.


    Geomatics Yukon
    Government of Yukon
    Connections to web mapping services and the "Corporate Spatial Warehouse" datasets.

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