LibQUAL+(TM): Charting Library Service Quality at the UofL -- RESULTS!

The Staff of the University Library wish to thank all those who took the time to participate in the LibQUAL+(TM) survey on Library Service Quality, those who have volunteered to participate in the focus group followup to this survey entitled "We're Listening ... Talk to us!", and those who facilitated the process of all parts of this study.

The final report (see below) was submitted to Library Administration on 2005 November 22 and a summary presentation of the findings and recommendations was made to Deans Council on 2005 November 23. Twelve recommendations are proposed as a framework for focusing Library efforts and resources (see the Executive Summary). Library Administration will now consider these recommendations and develop an action plan in response. It is anticipated that an outline of this response will be posted to this website once it is formulated.

LibQUAL+(TM) at the University of Lethbridge: Final Report and Recommendations

[View full report (104 pages; excludes supplementary materials and appendices)]


Table of Contents:

Executive Summary
Part 1: Survey on Library Service Quality (September 2004-June 2005) [Results]
Supplementary Information [Electronic version only]
Learn about the Gap Analysis, Radar Charts and Bar Charts used in LibQUAL+(TM)
View Comments by Respondents
Part 2: "We're Listening ... Talk to us!" (August 2005-November 2005) [Results]
Part 3: Weaving it All Together: Discussion and Recommendations
Reflections - Should we do this again AND Conclusion
List of Appendices [Electronic version only]
Appendix A: Library Service Quality Survey - Print Version
Appendix B: Mapping of Local Subject Areas to LibQUAL Standardized Disciplines
Appendix C: Aggregated Results Notebook for the University of Lethbridge Library
Appendix D: LibQUAL+(TM) Highlights for Spring 2005
Appendix E: ANOVA of mean adequacy gaps across academic users
Appendix F: ANOVA of mean adequacy gaps by dimension within user groups and across disciplines
Appendix G: ANOVA for local Information Literacy questions by user group
Appendix H: ANOVA for local awareness question
Appendix I: ANOVA for local interlibrary loan question
Appendix J: (Focus Group) Invitation to Participate
Appendix K: Online application - Indication of Interest to participate (in Focus Groups)

Submitted by:

, LibQUAL+(TM) Project Librarian
Shareen Greidanus, LibQUAL+(TM) Research Assistant
(2005 November)

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