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The University of Lethbridge Library is undertaking an evaluation of the quality of library services offered to the University Community. The evaluation will be conducted using a web-based survey called LibQUAL+(TM) developed by the Association Research Libraries.


If you use the Library, either in person or through the Library's website, you will have an opinion about the quality of the service you receive. If you don't use the Library, then there are reasons why you don't use these services. Regardless of whether you are or are not a user of the Library's services, we want to hear from you. Understanding your perceptions of the Library and its services is the first step to understanding what we are doing well and what we need to focus on.


An invitation to participate will be sent via e-mail to a random sample of faculty and students. You may be one of those selected. If so, please take the opportunity to provide us with your input. It will be greatly appreciated.


The invitation to participate in the survey will be emailed out to selected recipients on 2011 February 28. We expect to run the survey until March 18.


You will be able to complete this web-based survey from your desktop. The invitation you receive will include a link to the web page where the survey is located. Simply click on the link and start answering the survey!

How long will it take?

The survey includes 27 questions and will gather some additional information on overall satisfaction, usage as well as demographic information. Respondents also have an opportunity to provide comments and feedback. The survey is estimated to take from 15 to 20 minutes to complete depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

And, just in case you are wondering, there is an incentive ...

Participants who choose to submit their email address are eligible to win one of five $100 gift certificates from the University bookstore!

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More on LibQUAL+(TM)

LibQUAL+(TM) is a suite of services that libraries use to solicit, track, understand, and act upon users' opinions of service quality. These services are offered to the library community by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). The program's centerpiece is a rigorously tested Web-based survey bundled with training that helps libraries assess and improve library services, change organizational culture, and market the library. The goals of LibQUAL+(TM) are to:

More than 1200 libraries have participated in LibQUAL+(TM), including colleges and universities, community colleges, health sciences libraries, law libraries, and public libraries -- some through various consortia, others as independent participants. LibQUAL+(TM) has expanded internationally, with participating institutions in the United Stations, Canada, the U.K., and Europe. The growing LibQUAL+(TM) community of participants and its extensive dataset are rich resources for improving library services.

The web-based survey is composed of 22 core questions focussing on three "dimensions" of library service:

In addition, the University of Lethbridge will be asking five "local" questions about some specific services we are especially interested in getting feedback on. As well, the survey asks some questions about overall satisfaction, usage patterns, the usual demographic information and offers an opportunity for respondents to provide comments in their own words.

For every question, respondents are asked to indicate three things:

The difference between the minimum expectation and the desired level of service is called "the zone of tolerance" while the difference between the perceived level of service provided and the minimum expecation is called the "adequacy gap". The relationship between the two is referred to as the "gap analysis".

For more detailed information, check out the Association of Research Libraries' LibQUAL+(TM) Project Website.

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Do you have any questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention:

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