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CanGeoRef references are drawn from GeoRef with additions supplied by the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences from four "pilot provinces" (Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba & Newfoundland/Labrador) - Alberta and Manitoba have already been completed and work has begun on Ontario. The references cite the journal literature, meeting proceedings, abstracts, books, reports, theses and maps. Documents in CanGeoRef are primarily related to geology. An important addition to CanGeoRef is the Mineral Assessment Reports (these are complete for Alberta, to be followed by those of other jurisdictions in a later phase).

Indexing is based on the controlled vocabulary found in the print GeoRef Thesaurus and the systematic vocabulary terms are available online as hierarchical lists (see this webpage also for a link to the "GeoRef Serials List"). Specific geographic locations are listed as place names, and, for principal locations, latitude and longitude are provided.

  • Coverage: 1800-present (updated weekly)
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