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The titles listed below represent a selected list of resources accessible from, or available at, the University of Lethbridge Library in the field of Women's Studies. If you require assistance using these sources or wish to locate additional sources, please ask at the Information Services (Reference) Desk on Level 10 of the Library or Ask Us a question via Ask Us.

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Reference Materials

When beginning a research project it is often necessary to get an overview of a topic, explanations of unfamiliar terms, or brief factual information. The Library contains a variety of Reference materials which will help you find this kind of information.

Some of the sources listed below provide general coverage, while others are more subject specific.


Dictionaries define the terminology of a discipline.

Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science: Pioneering Lives from ancient times to the mid-20th century
Q 141 B5285 2000
For more biographical dictionaries of women in economics, literature, history, etc, go to the   UofLeth's Library catalogue, and, using the keyword search, type in women dictionaries.

Dictionary of women worldwide - 25,000 women of the ages
CT 3202 D53 2007 v. 1-3

Historical Dictionary of Feminism
REFNC HQ 1115 B65 1996

Women in Scripture: a dictionary of named and unnamed women in Hebrew Bible
BS 575 W593 2000


Encyclopedias give background information on a wide variety of topics, and often include references for further research.

The Canadian Encyclopedia
A rich source: select "Women" (last item) on subject index to get started.

Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers

2 volumes
HQ 1236 R29 2001
"The first comprehensive guide to women activists from every part of the world, illuminating the broad range of women's struggles to reform society from the 18th century to the present". (book's summary)

Encyclopedia of Women and Gender

2 volumes
Reference HQ 1115 E43 2001

The Oxford encyclopedia of women in world history
HQ 1121 O93 2008

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge

3 volumes
Reference HQ 1115 R69 2000

Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism

2 volumes 
Reference HQ 1115 W644 2006                                                                             

The Library also has many encyclopedias on specific topics related to Women's Studies. To find these encyclopedias, search the Library catalogue using the Advanced Keyword Search.   Enter the keywords describing your topic (eg. Women and religion; Muslim women) and limit the search to LOCATION: UofL Reference Collection.  To find an undefined list that includes women and/in religion,medieval Europe, Islam, and on the Library's home page, fill in Keyword selection in the Library catalogue with "women encyclopedias".


Handbooks can provide quick access to summaries of important concepts or procedures as well as basic factual information in summary form. Reviews of research include authoritative articles which provide a good review of recent research and advances on a given topic.

Annual Review of Sociology
HM 1 A763

Getting mentored in graduate school
LB 2371 J64 2003
Includes information for mentoring women.

Handbook of gender and women's studies
HQ 1180 H3 2006

Handbook of women's health: an evidence-based approach
RA 778 H235 2004

Tenure in the sacred grove: issues and strategies for women and minority faculty
LB 2335.7 T46 2002

Women and depression: a handbook for the social, behavioral, and biomedical sciences
RC 537 W658 2006

Women and political participation: a reference handbook
HQ 1236.5 U6 B875 2004

World's Women 2005: Progress in Statistics

REFNC HQ 1154 W89 2006
United Nations. Statistical Division

Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America
"A comprehensive and up-to-date descriptive and analytical reference on women and religion in North America". (book summary)

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The Library's online catalogue provides access to the collections in this library including books, audiovisual materials, government documents, microforms, books and electronic resources.

You can search the Library catalogue for specific titles, works by a particular author, or on a specific subject.

Computer stations to access the online catalogue are available on levels of the Library.

Some examples include:

   Confronting saffron demography: religion, fertility, and women's status in India. Patricia Jeffery & Roger Jeffery 2006

   Eight women philosophers: Theory, politics, and feminism. Jane Duran
       B 105 W6 D87 2006

   Feminist issues: race, class and sexuality. Nancy Mandell (Ed.)
      HQ 1206 F447 2005

   Meaning of wife. Anne Kingston
       HQ 759 K548 2004

   Radical Gestures: Feminism and performance art in North America. Jayne Wark
       N 72 F45 W37 2006

   State of Struggle: Feminism and Politics in Alberta. Lois  Harder
       HQ 1459 A4 H37 2003      

   Women, politics, and public policy: The political struggles of Canadian women. Jacquetta Newman & Linda A. White
       HQ 1236.5 C2 N49 2006

   Women under Islam: Gender justice and the politics of Islamic law. Chris Jones-Pauly
      HQ 1236.5 C2 N49 2006

    Note: U of L has a very rich collection of books of women and various subject areas.  For instance, placing 'women religion' or
              'women politics' in the library catalogue's keyword search box produces an extensive number of titles in each area.

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Journal Indexes

The most current research on any academic topic is usually found in periodical or what's also refered to as journal articles. Periodical indexes and databases point to where articles on your topic can be found in newspapers, magazines, or journals, and sometimes also provide access to other information sources such as book chapters and government documents.  For wo

Most library indexes and databases specialize in a particular subject while some are more general or multi-disciplinary, indexing popular and scholarly periodicals from a wide variety of topics.  On the Library's homepage go to Databases by Subject (midway down the home page's centre column) which takes you to Indexes/Databases by Subject.  Finally, select the last item on the list, Women's Studies. In addition to the Key Indexes, continue to scroll down to Related Indexes for other excellent possiblities.  Don't forget that because Women's Studies is a multidisciplinary subject, other subject indexes/databases can provide you with excellent information, as will the databases under Multidisciplinary/General.

It will frequently be necessary to consult more than one index/database. Electronic indexes/databases are accessible via the Library's webpage. Click on Articles and then select Women's Studies from the subject listing of periodical indexes/databases. When you search a periodical index/database you will always get a citation, which includes the article author, article title, magazine or journal information, and date. Sometimes you will also find abstracts (brief summaries of the articles) and/or the full text of articles.

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Oral History Guides

heroines.ca Women in Canadian History

Oral History Online (American Social History Project)

Suffragist Oral History Project (Regional Oral History Office)

The Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide

Consent / Release Forms:

Sample Consent Form (Concordia University)

Sample Form (Central Washington University)

SOHP Form Bank

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Government Documents

Governments publish a wealth of information related to Women's Studies, such as statistics policies, legislation, and annual reports. Many materials published by federal, provincial, state or municipal governments or by international organizations such as the United Nations are listed in the Library catalogue and can also be found through the sources listed below. The Library's Government Documents web page also provides links to government information found on the Internet.

Canadian Research Index

Coverage: Publications of federal, provincial, and municipal governments, 1982+ .

Most comprehensive available index to government publications, both federal and provincial. Best index for locating publications of Alberta and other provinces, which are not all included in the Library catalogue. Entries inlcude Microlog numbers, which can be used to access provincial publications available on microfiche (Microforms area on Level 11 of the Library, call number: J 103 M5).

Government of Canada

Department of Justice

See left menu for Publications and Programs & Initiatives

Canadian Social Research Links

   Canadian government women's sites (491)
   Canadian non-governmental women's organization sites (461)
   International women's sites (310)

Library and Archives Canada

On this site, narrowing a search requires a few steps.
   (1) On menu bar, select the Search tab;
   (2) fill in search box with a search term, e.g. "women";  
   (3) then, where the number of results are presented, e.g. 30,000 for "women" click on show all box;
   (4) use left hand menu to limit search results.
          This process works whether one is searching the Library, Archive, Ancestors, Websites, or
           Search All

Status of Women Canada

Statistics Canada Catalogue

Use to identify Statistics Canada publications (which are also included in the Library catalogue).

Alberta publications only: browse shelves in Alberta GOV DOCS section, which is arranged by government department.

Example of a department likely to publish materials of interest:
Alberta Advisory Council on Women's Issues

Some Online Sites:

Legislature Library: Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Womens Issues  (from the Dept. of Children and Family Services, Alberta)

Womens Organization Directory of Alberta

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The sites listed below contain women's studies-related information relevant to the academic community.

Alberta Women's Science Network

"Encouraging Women in Engineering, Science, and Information Technology" This organization, AWSN "[p]romotes a better understanding of science outside the school system".

Sponsored by three Alberta oil companies, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and Alberta Ingenuity Fund of Alberta Heritage Foundation for Science and Engineering Research, Government of Alberta. 

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women(CRIAW)

Intute: Women's Studies

Intute is a free online service providing access to web resources evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists.   The web resources can be searched using Intute's search engine or can be browsed via broad subject categories. 

Subject Listing of Women and Gender Resources

Offers great listings of numberous sources - still active (links work) but no longer being maintained - site refers library user to the Women's Studies Librarian's Office at the University of Wisconsin which offers an entirely different layout.  See next website link

Canadian Women Artists History Initiative
Center for Women and Technology explore Sitemap for a good overview its layout
      Women's Studies Online Resources

Voice of the Shuttle: Gender and Sexuality Studies
An eclectic group of Internet sites, collections, journals etc. on feminist theory, gay & lesbian studies, men's movements, and cybergender topics

Women's Study Database
University of Maryland

Women's Study Library Office
This site is from the Women's Studies Library at the University of Wisconsin.
   Publications offers a menu selection.  Try the following:
     Feminist Periodicals tab and look for this link Annotated Listing of All Periodicals Selected for Feminist Periodicals;and
     Bibliography tab to explore Wisconsin Bibliographies in Women's Studies series

Women's studies: research guide
This guide is based on women's studies materials in the New York Public Library, but its usefulness is not limited to that collection. The items include international sources and those that emphasize the inter-disciplinary nature of women's studies. It also provides links to other resources available on the Internet

Women's Study Section
A superb website produced by the Association of College and Research Libraries/American Association of Libraries. Don't miss it.

General Sites

These sites provide useful tips for evaluating information and citing resources:

Evaluating Journal Articles
This site provides information on how to evaluate the degree of scholarship found in journal articles, as well as how to distinguish between scholarly journals and popular magazines. In addition, it provides links to other sites on evaluating information.

Evaluating Web Resources
This site provides information on evaluating many different kinds of web resources, and provides a link to additional web evaluation

Citing Sources
There are many citation styles from which to choose. This site offers those often most relied on. 


The following are examples of search engines that can assist you in finding additional women's studies-related sites on the Internet:

Librarian Index
Google Scholar

Bergen-Belsen Diary, 1945

Bergen-Belsen was liberated by the British Army on April 15, 1945. Conditions at the camp were so horrendous that the British burned it down in order to stop the spread of typhus and other diseases. They relocated the survivors to a former German Army barracks, two kilometers from the original camp. This new camp was called Bergen-Belsen Displaced Personscamp.

This diary by Chava Rosenfarb appears to have been written in this DP camp, when Rosenfarb was 22 years old. The following extracts were published in Yiddish in 1948 as an addendum to Rosenfarb’s first collection of poems, Di balade fun nekhtikn vald (The Ballad of Yesterday’s Forest). It is translated here by Goldie Morgentaler, Rosenfarb’s daughter and a professor of English at the University of Lethbridge.