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The titles listed below represent a selected list of resources accessible from, or available at, the University of Lethbridge Library in the field of Sociology. If you require assistance using these sources or wish to locate additional sources, please ask at the Information Services (Reference) Desk on Level 10 of the Library or Ask Us a question via /.

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The Library's online catalogue provides access to the collections in this library including books, audiovisual materials, government documents, microforms, and electronic resources.

You can search the Library catalogue for specific titles, works by a particular author, or on a specific subject.

Computer stations to access our online catalogue are available on all levels of the Library.

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Journal Indexes

The most current research on any academic topic is usually found in periodical articles. Periodical indexes and databases point to where articles on your topic can be found in newspapers, magazines, or journals, and sometimes also provide access to other information sources such as book chapters and government documents.

Most library indexes and databases specialize in a particular subject while some are more general or multi-disciplinary, indexing popular and scholarly periodicals from a wide variety of topics.

It will frequently be necessary to consult more than one index/database.

Electronic indexes/databases are accessible via the Library's webpage. Click on Articles and then select Sociology from the subject listing of periodical indexes/databases. When you search a periodical index/database you will always get a citation, which includes the article author, article title, magazine or journal information, and date. Sometimes you will also find abstracts (brief summaries of the articles) and/or the full text of articles.

Check the library catalogue's Journal Title index to determine whether the full-text of journal articles is available in the Library when it is not included in the index/database you are using.

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Bibliographies can be an excellent adjunct to indexes and abstracts. They list publications on a particular topic and normally include relevant books, journal articles, government publications, audiovisual materials, etc. Abstracts, or summaries, are often included for each item. To locate a bibliography related to Sociology, consult the Library catalogue under the relevant subject term(s) followed by the term "bibliography", e.g. Sociology bibliography

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Reference Materials

When beginning a research project it is often necessary to get an overview of a topic, explanations of unfamiliar terms, or brief factual information. The Library contains a variety of Reference materials which will help you find this kind of information. Some of the sources listed below provide general coverage, while others are more subject specific.


Dictionaries define the terminology of a discipline. Many sociology dictionaries can be found by searching Sociology - dictionaries in the Library catalogue.  Some very useful ones are:

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Sociology

A Critical Dictionary of Sociology
REFNC HM 17 B68 1989

A Dictionary of Social Science Methods
REFNC HM 41 M54 1983

The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology
The above is the electronic version of this source. For the print version, go the Reference Collection area behind the Information Desk on Level 10 and look for this call number HM 17 A23 2006


Encyclopedias give background information on a wide variety of topics, and often include references for further research. Try Sociology Encyclopedias in library catalogue for the list of those available at UofL. For individual records, see below:

Encyclopedia of Sociology
REFNC HM 425 E5 2000 v1-5

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
REFNC H 40 A2 I5

The Social Science Encyclopedia
REFNC H 41 S63 1996

The Library also has many one and two volume encyclopedias on specific topics within Sociology. To find these encyclopedias, search the Library catalogue under the relevant subject heading(s) followed by the heading "encyclopedias" or "dictionaries". (e.g., Suicide -- Dictionaries; Crime -- Dictionaries; Homosexuality -- Encyclopedias; Family -- Encyclopedias; Women-- Encyclopedias.


Handbooks can provide quick access to summaries of important concepts or procedures as well as basic factual information in summary form. Reviews of research include authoritative articles which provide a good review of recent research and advances on a given topic.

Survey of Social Science: Sociological Series
REFNC HM 17 S86 1994

Annual Review of Sociology


Biographical sources are useful for locating information on the background and achievements of prominent individuals in a particular field. For books about a person, search the Library Catalogue  using the individuals name as a SUBJECT term, e.g. Marx Karl

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Government Documents

Governments publish a wealth of information related to Sociology, such as statistics policies, legislation, and annual reposrts. Many materials published by federal, provincial, state or municipal governments or by international organizations such as the United Nations are listed in the Library catalogue, and can also be found through the sources listed below. The Library's Government Documents web page also provides links to government information found on the Internet

Canadian Research Index.
Paper version: REFNC J 103 M52
Coverage: Publications of federal, provincial, and municipal governments, 1982+ .
Most comprehensive available index to government publications, both federal and provincial. Best index for locating publications of Alberta and other provinces, which are not all included in EUREKA!. Entries inlcude Microlog numbers, which can be used to access provincial publications available on microfiche (Microforms area on Level 11 of the Library, call number: J 103 M5).

Statistics Canada Catalogue
Paper version: Information Service Desk (Reference) on Level 10.

Use to identify Statistics Canada publications (which are also included in the online library catalogue).

Alberta publications only: browse shelves in Alberta GOV DOCS section, which is arranged by government department. Examples of some departments likely to publish materials of interest:

Alberta. Alberta Education

Alberta. Alberta Health

Alberta. Alberta Social Services

Alberta Native Affairs

Environment Council of Alberta

Examples of some useful government publications are:

Current Issue Review
Library of Parliament, Research Branch.

Concise descriptive commentaries on current issues. A title list is shelved next to the papers.

Library of Parliament. Research Branch.

Lengthier, in-depth studies on subjects of current interest. A title index is shelved next to the papers.

Canadian Social Trends
Statistics Canada.
GOV DOCS CA 1 CS 11-008

A quarterly journal that provides description and analysis of social trends and conditions in Canada.

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The sites listed below contain sociology-related information relevant to the academic community.

Sociology Internet Resources
The Western Connecticut State University Department of Social Sciences has put together an extensive list of sociology resources by subject area. Subjects include criminology, ethnicity, women, family, culture and society, etc.

Some Sociology Resources on the Internet
McMaster University Department of Sociology links to associations, electronic journals, including the Canadian Journal of Sociology, newsgroups, sociology libraries and more.

Sociological tour through Cyberspace
Excellent site, including a list of General Sociological Resources, Theory, Data Resources, Methods and Statistics, Guide to Writing a Research Paper and also Subject-based Inquiries. Subjects include death and dying, family, gerontology, gender & equality, race & ethnicity, social inequality, and social psychology.

Directory of resources for academic and activist sociology. Provides links for departments, research projects, software, and publications.


The sites listed below contain information in various fields relevant to the academic community.

Social Science Information Gateway
Based in the UK, SOSIG is an online catalogue of Internet resources relevant to social science education and research, each of which has been selected and described by a librarian or subject specialist.

Scout Report Signpost
Internet resources listed are chosen by the editorial staff of the Scout Report, and can be searched or browsed by Library of Congress Subject Headings or Classification.

The Argus Clearinghouse

A selective searchable collection of topical guides which have been rated by editors. This is one of the better sources for finding evaluated personal pages.


These sites provide useful tips for evaluating information and citing resources.

Evaluating Journal Articles
This site provides information on how to evaluate the degree of scholarship found in journal articles, as well as how to distinguish between scholarly journals and popular magazines. In addition, it provides links to other sites on evaluating information.

Evaluating Web Pages

Citing Electronic Resources

The following are examples of search engines that can assist you in finding additional sociology-related sites on the Internet.

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Materials from Other Libraries

Interlibrary loans (ILL) are provided to University students who require research materials not located in this Library. For more information about Interlibrary loans and loan quotas, click here. To request an Interlibrary loan now, click here.

To access other library catalogues, click here

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If you have difficulty finding or using the materials listed in this subject guide, please ask for assistance at the INFORMATION SERVICES (REFERENCE) DESK on Level 10 of the Library. Quick Reference Questions can be submitted electronically by using our / service.

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