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This guide is intended to provide an introduction to resources available from the University of Lethbridge Library for international students on studying far from home; Canadian culture; and English skills for university.  It is a guide to get you started; there are many more resources available, so this is just a jumping-off point for your research.

If you require more help finding resources, please visit the Information and Research Assistance Desk on level 10 of the library, or phone us at 403.329.2263.

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Below are some books which you might find helpful. Please feel free to come and borrow them!

Culture shock of international students in Canada

1000 questions about Canada: Places, people, things and ideas: a question-and-answer book on Canadian facts and culture

Art of crossing cultures

Culture shock: Psychological reactions to unfamiliar environments

Culture shock: A survival guide to customs and etiquette: Canada

Culture wise Canada: The essential guide to culture, customs & business etiquette

Culture Smart! Canada

Exploring culture: Exercises, stories, and synthetic cultures

Cultural intelligence: A guide to working with people from other cultures

A fair country: Telling truths about Canada

North American cultures: Values and institutions in Canada and the United States

Canadian society: A macro analysis

A passion for identity: Canadian studies for the 21st century

Academic writing: A handbook for international students

Beyond the answer sheet: Academic success for international students

Doing honest work in college: How to prepare citations, avoid plagiarism, and achieve real academic success

Getting ahead as an international student

The International student's guide: Studying in English at university

Study skills for international students

Succeeding as an international student in the United States and Canada

Academic writing for international students of business

How to write a BA thesis: A practical guide from your first ideas to your finished paper

Idiom Junkie: ESL edition

Citizens of Nowhere
"An inspiring story of courage, adaptation and determinaton - a year in the life of 11 refugee students entering universities across Canada."

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Audiovisual Materials

Below are some videos on the topic of culture and Canadian society

Voices of experience: Cross-cultural communication
Highlights the stories of more than a dozen international students and business people whose unique position in crossing cultures provides a bird's-eye view of adjustment to life in the United States. Culture shock, personal change, teaching styles, homesickness, and pre-departure expectations are covered.

Moving Experiences
The videos in this series provide firsthand accounts and personal insight into important issues and events in Canadian history. This video presents personal interviews with four different individuals, interwoven with historical footage and photographs. Chronicles the experiences of four people who immigrated to Canada early in their lives from various countries and explores issues of multiculturalism

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These sites provide free English-language instruction and tips.

Activities for ESL Students

English Club

ESL Gold

Guide to Grammar & Writing

Other language-learning tools

File Guru

English Homework Help Resource Guide

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If you have difficulty finding or using the information you require:

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