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The titles listed below represent a selected list of resources available in print or electronic format at the University of Lethbridge Library in the field of Social Work. If you require assistance using these sources or wish to locate additional sources, please ask at the Information Services (Reference) Desk on Level 10.

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Reference Materials

When beginning a research project it is often necessary to get an overview of a topic, explanations of unfamiliar terms, or brief factual information. The Library contains a variety of Reference materials which will help you find this kind of information. Some of the sources listed below provide general coverage, while others are more subject specific.


Encyclopedia of Social Work
Terry Mizrahi, Larry E. Lewis, editors in chief. Washington, DC: NASW Press; Toronto: Oxford University Press. 2008

Encyclopedia of Canadian Social Work
Francis Turner (Ed) Waterloo, Ont.:Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 2005

Encyclopedia of Mental Health
3 vol. London: Academic Press, 1998. REFNC RA 790 E553 1998

Online Dictionary of Street Drug Slang
Indiana Prevention Resource Center


         Handbooks can provide quick access to summaries of important concepts or procedures as well as basic factual
         information in summary form. Some Social Work related examples are:

Handbook of social work with groups
Charles D. Garvin, Lorraine M. Gutierrz, & Maieda J. Galinsky. New York:Guilford Press, 2004

Social Work Student Research Handbook
Dominque Moyse Steinberg. New York: Haworth Social Work Press. 2004


         Directories identify, locate, and provide various other information on individuals, organizations, and institutions.
         A local Social Work directory is:

Lethbridge Community Information Directory
Information Lethbridge, Annual. REFNC FC 3698.2 I5

Provides profiles of community service organizations in the city of Lethbridge.

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Government Documents

Governments publish a wealth of information related to Social Work, such as statistics policies, legislation, and annual reposrts. Many materials published by federal, provincial, state or municipal governments or by international organizations such as the United Nations are listed in the Library Catalogue, and can also be found through the sources listed below. The Library's Government Documents web page also provides links to government information found on the Internet,

Municipal Government  

   "Bringing Lethbridge home" : strategic plan to end homelessness in Lethbridge 2006 - 2011

    Lethbridge housing needs assessment Spring 2007

    Road Map for a brighter future: a social policy for the City of Lethbridge 2005

Provincial Government

  Government of Alberta

  Alberta Ministry of Justice

  Alberta Family Court   Alberta Children and Youth Services

   Other Alberta publications: browse shelves in Alberta GOV DOCS section which is arranged by government department.
          Examples of some departments likely to publish materials of interest:
                    Alberta. Alberta Family and Social Services
                    Alberta. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission
                    Alberta. Alberta Health
                    Alberta. Provincial Mental Health Board

Federal Government

Canadian Mortgage and Housing

Canada Public Health Agency

    Health Promotion
         Health Promotion is a department within this federal agency that offers information and services links on Child Health
        (including Child Maltreatment, Aboriginal Head Start, Safe Supportive Environments), Injury Prevention of Children
         and Adolescents, Mental Health, National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Seniors Health, and Population Health

Child and Family Benefits (Revenue Canada)

    Aboriginal Affairs

    Aboriginal Canada Portal | Portail des Autochtones au Canada

    First Nations, Inuit, and Aboriginal Health - Main Page - Health Canada

Canadian Research Index
Paper version: REFNC J 103 M52
Coverage: Publications of federal, provincial, and municipal governments, 1982+

  Most comprehensive available index to government publications, both federal and provincial. Best index for locating publications of   Alberta and other provinces, which are not all included in EUREKA!. Entries include Microlog numbers, which can be used to access   provincial publications available on microfiche (Microforms area on Level 11 of the Library, call number: J 103 M5).

Statistics Canada Catalogue

Use to identify Statistics Canada publications (which are also included in the Library Catalogue)

      Other examples of some useful government publications are:

Canadian Social Trends
Statistics Canada GOV DOCS CA 1 CS 11-008

  This is a quarterly journal containing articles written by Statistics Canada researchers providing
  description and analysis about social trends, conditions, and issues in Canada. The above link
  organizes information by issue. Articles are also organized by subject.

Statistics Canada. Canadian Centre for Justices Statistics. GOV DOCS CA1 CS 85-002

  Individual issues of this publication provide analysis and detailed statistics on various aspects of   the justice system, such as legal
  aid, law enforcement, correctional services, and adult and youth courts. Statistics are given on national, provincial, and territorial
  levels, as well as for selected major cities.

Library of Parliament | Canada

The Canadian government's Library of Parliament provides public access to a number of its publications through the Federal Depository Program.  UofL Library is part of the program and receives these publications on line and in print.  Two types of publications are:

  Current Issues Reviews (CIR) are concise, descriptive commentaries on topical issues.

  Backgrounders (BP) are lengthier, in-depth studies on subjects of current interest.

  For the Print versions of these publications at the UofL Library, the call number is GOV DOCS CA 1 YM 32 2.
  Once there, go to the title index which is shelved next to the papers.

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The Library's Catalogue provides access to the collections in this library which are of books, as well as audiovisual materials, government documents, microforms, and electronic resources.

You can search the Library catalogue for specific titles, works by a particular author, or on a specific subject. Below are examples of titles found via the Library catalogue

Computer stations to access the library catalogue are available on all levels of the Library.

    Anti Oppressive Social Work Theory and Practice 2002

    Emerging perspectives on anti oppressive practice. ebook 2003

    Relational social work: toward networking and social practices. 2004

    Social work practice for the 21st century 2006

    Social work theories in context: creating frameworks for practice. 2005

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Journal Indexes

The most current research on any academic topic is usually found in journals that publish articles, essays, and editorials.  Journals are a form of periodical or serial publications - other types are newspapers, newsletters, government documents, magazines or any information source published periodically, continually, or serially.  In other words they are not a one time publication; and instead they keep coming.  (Though books are generally not considered periodicals there are some like encyclopedias that are produced periodically e.g., once a year.)

Finding articles on a topic can be achieved by searching journals individually; however, it's more efficient to  search journal databases and/or indexes (these two words are often used interchangeably).

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The sites listed below contain social work-related information relevant to the academic community.

Note: For other very useful information sources related to social work, please the Research Guides for Psychology,
         Sociology, and Women's Studies.

      Social Policy and Research

Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Demography: Publications about the Population of Canada

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Welcome to the CCPA

Canadian Council on Social Development

Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy

UBC Library: Subject Page - Searching for Grey Literature

      General Social Work Sites

Gateways to Social Work and Welfare

Information for Practice

New Social Work Online

Pat McClendon's Clinical Social Work Page

Social Work World
A world of resources and support for social workers, social work students and those interested in social issues. See right vertical menu items.

SWAN: Social Work Access Network

      Mental Health

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (formerly Addiction Research Foundation)
This site features information about various mental health conditions and disorders.  Once one is chosen, user can locate a therapist anywhere in the world by selecting the country and the postal or zipcode.  Works for Canadian locations

      Substance Abuse and Addiction

         Note: Please see Addictions and Gambling Research Guides for more resources on this area of study and practice.

Addiction Research Foundation Links

Selected Internet-Accessible Addictions Resources ( U. of L. Library)

Alcohol Studies Database

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA)


         Note: Please see Gerontological Social Work Research Guide for more resources


U. of T. Institute for Human Development, Life Course and Aging

      First Nations

Assembly of First Nations - Welcome

First Nations Digital Document Source

Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK): Canada


Homeless Handbook

      Children and Youth

Bell Canada Child Welfare Research Unit

Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect Final Report (2001)

Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare - Centre d'excellence pour la protection et bien-ĂȘtre des enfants

Child Welfare Review (journal)

National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information (US)

National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect

The Welfare of Children Initiative

Resources, National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (NCFV), Public Health Agency of Canada

      Family Violence and Abuse

Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Centres

Office on Violence Against Women

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse


The following are examples of search engines that can assist you in finding additional social work-related sites on the Internet.


These sites provide useful tips for evaluating information and citing resources

Citing Electronic Resources

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If you have difficulty finding or using the materials listed in this subject guide, please ask for assistance at the Information Desk (Reference). Questions can be submitted electronically by using our Ask Us service.

Created by Judy Vogt

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Materials from Other Libraries

U. of C. Faculty of Social Work: Links & Resources
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University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work: Research Institute for Evidence-Based Social Work

George Warren Brown School of Social Work (Washington University in St Louis)

Columbia University Social Work Library: Related Internet Resources

Marquette University Library Online Research Environment: Social Work

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