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This guide is intended to provide an introduction to resources available from the University of Lethbridge Library in the area of international management.  It is a guide to get you started; there are many more resources available, so this is just a jumping-off point for your research.  In addition, you may want to check the research guide on international marketing.

If you require more help finding resources, please visit the Information and Research Assistance Desk on level 10 of the library, or phone us at 403.329.2263.

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Reference Materials

Reference materials can provide a good overview of a subject and lead you to further related resources, and are a great place to start your research.  Some reference material specific to the area of business ethics and corporate social responsibility include:

The Dictionary of International Business Terms

International Encyclopedia of Business and Management

The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World Economy

The Handbook of Country Risk, 2007-2008: A Guide to International Business and Trade

World Development Indicators 2010

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Electronic Reference Books

Dictionary of International Business Terms

International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management

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Search the library catalogue to find books on international business. You can do keyword searches as well as subject searches, which utilize the Library of Congress Subject Headings to locate items on the same subject. Some relevant subject headings include:

These same terms (and more) will work as keyword searches, but you will get many more (and possibly irrelevant) results using a keyword search. Try both and take it from there. If you search any term in the 'subject' field, the catalogue will try to suggest related subjects for you to try, as well as more sub-categories of the subject. Of course, if you know the title or author of a book, you can search the catalogue using those fields as well.

You can also do an 'advanced keyword search' and restrict the 'material type' to limit your search to e-books only.

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Journal articles contain more up-to-date research than books, and are a great way to supplement your research. The library subscribes to many indexes and databases which allow you search by keyword, subject, and many more fields to find articles on your topic. These tools provide not only the citation for the articles, but often abstracts (summaries of what the article is about), and increasingly link you to the full text of the article. If the full text isn't available either from the database in which you found the citation or by clicking the 'find full text' button, you can try obtaining the article via interlibrary loan. Ensure that the articles you are citing are scholarly in nature; for guidelines on how to evaluate journal articles, see our how-to guides.

The easiest way to decide which index or database to use is to look at the library's listing of indexes and databases by subject. Remember, your subject might be somewhat multidisciplinary in nature, so consider what other subjects' databases you may want to search, as well as the databases that specialize in multidisciplinary or general topics. Some good databases to start with for articles and information on international business topics are:

Global Market Information Database

Published by Euromonitor International, Passport GMID provides key business intelligence on countries, markets and companies including historical statistics and forecasts, analysis of consumers' lifestyles, information sources, brand and company information, plus full-text market analysis. Covers more than 200 countries worldwide with in-depth coverage of 52 countries.

Snapshots - North America

Access international market research overviews for a broad range of industries and regions.

World Development Indicators Online

Produced by the World Bank, this database provides essential information for studying the growth and development of countries throughout the world. Access data (more than 900 indicators) on 208 countries, with 18 regional and income groups, for more than 40 years (where data is available).

UN Data

Provides access to United Nations statistics, including international economic, social, financial and development topics.

Penn World Tables 6.2

Provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 188 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2004. Library Library, the leading global online library on ethics, focuses on applied ethics with a special focus on developing and transition countries. They offer free of charge access to journals, magazines, books, training material, dissertations and news documents on applied ethics, with a focus on full text documents. You can also access licensed content such as journals, encyclopedias and e-books if you register with the site (free of charge).

Hospitality & Tourism Complete

Access scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism, including culinary arts, demographics and statistics, development and investment, food and beverage management, hospitality law, hotel management and administrative practices, leisure and business travel, market trends, technology and more.

Institute of Intergovernmental Relations Documents Database

Access government documents relating to federalism and regional and global multilevel governance. The documents cover a broad range of policy areas, both in Canada and internationally. The database is developed by the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations (IIGR) at Queen's University.

International Financial Statistics

International Financial Statistics (IFS) is a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It reports, for most countries of the world, current data needed in the analysis of problems of international payments and of inflation and deflation, i.e., data on exchange rates, international liquidity, international banking, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, government accounts, and national accounts.

OECD iLibrary

The OECD iLibrary contains statistical data, books, journals and working papers released by OECD, International Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Agency, OECD Development Centre, PISA, and International Transport Forum since 1998. Full-text access is available only for statistical products, the Factbook, and the Decisions, Recommendations and other Instruments of the OECD.

Be sure to look at the complete list of databases which may be helpful for the area of international management. In addition to the subject-specific databases, it may also be worthwhile to check the following general management databases for articles on any topic:


Business Source Complete

LexisNexis Academic

SAGE Journals Online

Science Direct

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Audiovisual Materials

In addition to searching in the library catalogue for videos on any subject (go to 'advanced keyword' search and then limit by material type: film/video), several Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series videos are available to us through Business Source Complete, including many on international business-related topics.  For a complete list of videos available in this series, please visit  To access these videos in Business Source Complete, click the 'more' link in the top toolbar in EBSCOhost and select Business Videos/Images from the drop-down menu. The Business Videos search screen is displayed. Enter your search terms in the Find field and click Search, or to view all available business videos, search for the term Business. Both videos and PDF transcripts are available.

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There are several 'free' internet sites which are concerned with international information such as country profiles, tourism information, and business advice. Be aware, however, when searching the internet that the sites you find are authoritative and accurate. Some guidelines on evaluating web resources can be found in our how-to guides. Some good sites to check out are:


Business Daily

Part of the World News Network, one of the largest international news sites on the Internet, Business Daily provides a great overview of current business and economic news around the globe. Searchable in over 50 languages and with archives dating back to 2003, this site offers extremely comprehensive coverage of news in foreign languages. Several corporate links, but good content nonetheless.

Business Planet

Business Planet maps flagship online databases of the World Bank Group that support private sector-led growth and financial market development in developing countries. It is an entry point to powerful data sources such as Doing Business, Enterprise Surveys, Privatization Database and Private Investment in Infrastructure Projects. Business Planet features more than 20 maps that cover over 190 economies across issues like how easy it is to do business, how often firms are expected to bribe tax inspectors, and much more.

The World Factbook, Central Intelligence Agency

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities.

World Economic Forum - Global Competitiveness Network

Access many great reports on international competition, trade, and tourism.

World Bank

The Publications and Documents section of the World Bank's site contains over 65,000 free, downloadable documents, including operational documents (project documents, analytical and advisory work, and evaluations), formal and informal research papers, and most World Bank publications.

International Labour Organization

The ILO is devoted to ensuring social justice for workers around the globe and is an advocate for labour rights. You can search through their publications, or browse databases and statistics on labour-related topics.

globalEDGE: Your Source for Global Business Knowledge

This sophisticated Web portal links to a wide range of information on international business. Created by the International Business Center at Michigan State University and partially funded by the US Department of Education, this site is well-designed and easy to use, serving as a gateway to publicly available resources. Some content unique to MSU is listed (unavailable to us).

Etiquette & Cultural Guides

Country Insights

An informative, extensive site from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada which offers many tips on cross-cultural etiquette for a wide variety of countries including communication styles, dress, formality, managerial styles, workplace conflict, and more.

The International Business Etiquette Internet Sourcebook

Produced by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, this site provides links to etiquette and business guides for many countries around the world. Note, too, on the left hand side of the screen links to other information provided by this government department, including trade statistics and exporting guidelines.

BBC Country Profiles

This site supplies information on the history, economy, and politics of countries and territories. Each profile includes an overview, map, facts, and current leaders. Links to recent news stories, background articles, timelines, and archives of BBC audio and video clips.


This site contains "Doing Business in..." guides for nearly 50 countries/regions which provide tips on international business values, etiquette, customs and protocol for business people traveling abroad. Each guide offers some advice on the etiquette associated with areas such as meeting and greeting, making appointments, gift giving, dining, business dress, building relationships, meetings and negotiations.

Also on this site are Country Etiquette Guides for over 75 countries which include topics such as language, useful phrases, the society, culture, and business and social etiquette. Other resources for the international traveler are also available.

Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Based on Geert Hofstede's research, this site gives his 'cultural dimension' scores for countries, ranking them in five areas: Power Distance Index, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, and Long-Term Orientation. Once you've explored countries by dimension, you also get links to etiquette guides for countries listed on the right hand side of the screen.

Executive Planet

A wiki-style guide, providing tips on business etiquette, customs and protocol for doing business worldwide. They also provide many other great related links.


OECD Factbook eXplorer

eXplorer is an interactive web tool that enables the visualization of socio-economic information at detailed territorial level providing clear insight on regional differences and performance within a country and comparison of different areas across countries. The statistical dataset contained in eXplorer is the OECD Regional database which contains yearly time-series for around 50 indicators on demography, economy and labour market opportunities, environment, social issues and innovation related activities for more than 2,000 regions of the OECD countries. Fun to use!


Provided by the University of Auckland Library, an incredibly comprehensive guide to sources of official statistics on the internet from countries around the world.

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web

Created by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this site contains a great array of governmental statistical sites from all across the world (including international organizations).

World Government Data

Currently contains links to government data sites from the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand, with plans to add more. Browsable by country, year, and department, you can download the data for your own comparisons. A great wealth of information in one place.


Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union. They publish official stats and data sets on the EU to "enable comparisons between countries and regions." A wealth of information is included, including GDP, population, (un)employment rates, inflation, and more. Also provided are country profiles and a very handy sub-site called "Statistics Explained".

United Nations Statistics Division: Information on National Statistical Systems

A central repository of country profiles of statistical systems, including a brief history of the country's statistical system, legal basis, the statistical programme and much more.


This user-friendly site contains statistical data on U.N. member states' geographies, economies, population, and social indicators.

International Statistical Agencies (Census)

Links to official census sites by country.

American FactFinder
A wealth of information from the US census, including access to detailed data sets related to industry, economic, and population data.  Video tuturials help you through the process of searching, downloading, and understanding the data. 

International Energy Agency

This site contains a wealth of free energy information on a global level. More detailed information is available by purchasing reports, but a lot is available for free, including country inventories, imports/exports, etc.

Deutsche Bank Research

One of the world's leading think tanks for trends in business, society and the financial markets. Contains some free publications on macro-trends and industries. Searchable by topic, region, etc.

International Trade and Finance

Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics

A professor in international trade at the University of Michigan created this online glossary in an attempt to cover all of the terms and concepts from international economics, including both international trade and international finance, at the introductory level. Started for his students, extended to all.

Industry Canada - Trade and Investment

A Government of Canada site providing a ton of information on trade including importing, exporting and researching international markets.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Government information about imports, exports, doing business abroad, and trade agreements.


Harmonizing and incorporating all UNCTAD's online statistical databases, UNCTADstat is an integrated platform for extracting and analyzing data on development, trade, investment, and related issues. Among the topics covered are: international merchandise trade, including data breakdowns of exports and imports by partners and products; international trade in services; economic trends; foreign direct investment (FDI); external financial resources, including migrants' remittances, development assistance, external debt, and international reserves; commodity prices, updated monthly; population and labour force; and maritime transport.

World Trade Organization

The WTO is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations, with the goal to help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct their business. Check out the 'Resources for Students' link on the left which provides trade stats, country info, and research.


The OECD is 30 member countries (including Canada) who are committed to support sustainable economic growth, boost employment, raise living standards, maintain financial stability, assist other countries' economic development, and contribute to world trade. The site provides statistics and other information by topic, country, and department.

Deloitte: International Tax and Business Guides

The tax and business guides available on this site are sponsored by the member firms Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and developed in cooperation with the Economist Intelligence Unit. These Guides help potential investors (and students) understand the investment climate, operating conditions, and tax system of most major trading jurisdictions. The Guides are supplemented by the Country Highlights series, which provide a quick overview of the tax landscape of more than 120 jurisdictions.


The mission of eStandardsForum is to monitor and report a country's economic, financial, and political conditions. Contains country profiles, briefs, rankings, and standards compliance reports.

coface - Country Risk and Economic Research

Contains country risk ratings and brief risk analysis for individual countries, as well as business climate ratings and analysis.  Also contains data for comparison of risk by sector.

Travel & Tourism

A free portal to current developments in the hospitality industry, is largely unique for its international scope and focus on a wide swath of the sprawling hospitality industry rather than just one or two segments. The site links to a wide range of information including industry news and articles, financial news, market reports, conference announcements, executive job appointments, reports on industry associations, streaming audio and video content, supplier profiles, and much more. A word of caution: be sure to discern between advertising and information.

Canadian Tourism Commission

Research & intelligence on the Canadian tourism industry. Registration is required to download reports.

European Travel Commission

Contains research reports & studies, trends, and statistics on European tourism.  Free registration required for some reports.

World Travel & Tourism Council

Contains tourism research including annual economic reports, and includes rankings and forecasts for world regions and countries.

Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (US)

Contains surveys and stats on the US travel and tourism industry.

National Household Travel Survey (US)

A U.S. government-sponsored survey to collect data on both long-distance and local travel by the American public.

Language Pronunciation Guides

For several of the more popular languages, this site provides audio pronunciations of the basics.

Hear how to pronounce thousands of names from dozens of countries.

VOA Pronunciation Guide

Contains names and places from around the world that have been in the international news.

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If you have difficulty finding or using the information you require:

Business FAQs

Developed by business librarians at American universities, this site allows you to search several academic business libraries' sites of frequently asked business reference questions. While some sites may refer you to subscription databases (check to see if we subscribe at the U of L to gain access), lots of general information and links to free sites as well.

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