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This guide introduces you to some information sources in a variety of physical formats that may be useful during your process of researching topics in Philosophy. In most cases, the electronic resources mentioned in this guide are accessible by University of Lethbridge students, faculty and staff from on- and off-campus.  If you have difficulty accessing electronic resources from off-campus, check our Troubeshooting Guide. For further assistance please consult an Information Services Desk staff member at Ask Us.

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Use encyclopedias and dictionaries to define important concepts or to gather factual background information pertaining to your research paper topic.   The following are selected Philosophy encyclopedias and dictionaries located in the Library's Reference Collection (Level 10 South):

Adler's philosophical dictionary (1995)
B 945 A2863 A3 1995

The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy. 2nd ed. (1999)
B 41 C35 1999

A companion to world philosophies (1997)
B 121 C664 1997

A dictionary of continental philosophy (2006)
B 41 D46 2006

Dictionary of Modern American philosophyers (2005)
B 851 D56 2005

Dictionary of philosophy and religion : Eastern and Western thought. New and enlarged ed. (1996)
B 41 R43 1996

Dictionary of the history of ideas: Studies of selected pivotal ideas (1974)
CB 5 D52

Dictionary of theories (1993)
AG 5 D53 1993

The dictionary of twentieth-century British philosophers (2005)
B 104 D52 2005

The encyclopedia of philosophy. 8 vols. (1967)
B 41 E5

The encyclopedia of philosophy. Supplement (1996)
B 41 E5 1996

Encyclopedia of philosophy. 10 vols. (2nd ed., 2006)
B 51 E53 2006

The HarperCollins dictionary of philosophy. 2nd ed. (1992)
B 41 A53 1992

The Oxford companion to philosophy (2005)
B 51 O94 2005

The Oxford dictionary of philosophy (2005)
B 41 B53 2005

The philosopher's dictionary. 2nd ed. (1994)
B 41 M37 1994

Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy. 10 vols. (1998)
B 51 R68 1998

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Electronic Reference Books

Some encyclopedias and dictionaries in Philosophy are available online to University of Lethbridge students, faculty and staff.  Follow the link embedded in their catalogue records ("Click on the following to:") to access them online:

The Blackwell dictionary of twentieth-century social thought (1994)
H 41 B53 1992

The Blackwell encyclopedic dictionary of business ethics (1998)
HF 5387 B55 1998

A companion to world philosophies (1997)
B 121 C664 1997

The Oxford dictionary of philosophy. New ed. (1996)
B 41 B53 1996

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Search the Library catalogue to locate books, government documents, audio-visuals, electronic resources, and other non-journal materials in the various Library Collections

Use the catalogue's Author or Title indexes if you wish to locate materials whose authors or titles you already know. 

Use the catalogue's Subject Heading or Keyword indexes if you wish to search for materials on a particular topic published in book, government document, or audio-visual formats:

Consult the catalogue's Help pages for assistance in a variety of areas, including Catalogue Locations, Catalogue Status Messages, and Catalogue Searching.

Browse the Library's collection of electronic books on a variety of philosophical topics, most of which are from NetLibrary and MyiLibrary.

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Select printed and electronic indexes/databases covering Philosophy from the Philosophy Indexes/Databases page.   Alternatively, you may wish to browse an alphabetical list of the Library's printed and electronic Journal Indexes/Databases covering all subject areas of the University of Lethbridge curriculum.  Some of these indexes and databases cover not only journal articles, but book chapters, government documents, and conference proceedings as well. 

Note that some, but not all, journal Indexes/Databases contain the full-text of journal articles in addition to article citations.  (An article citation usually comprises the article author(s), article title, journal title, publication year, journal volume number, journal issue number, page numbers, and abstract of a given journal article.  An abstract is a brief description of the subject matter of an indexed work such as a journal article or book chapter.)  For example:

Check the library catalogue's Journal TItle index to determine whether the full-text of journal articles you wish to obtain is available in the Library when the full-text is not included in the journal index/database you are using.  For example, the following is a citation for a journal article indexed in the electronic edition of Philosopher's Index as:

The Philosopher's Index (1940-2003/12)
TI: Mind-Brain Identity and the Nature of States
AU: Hunter,-David
SO: Australasian-Journal-of-Philosophy. S 01; 79(3): 366-376.
IS: 0004-8402
LA: English
DT: Journal-Article
AN: 3017633

Browse University of Lethbridge Library current print subscriptions to Philosophy journals shelved in the Current Serials collection.

Browse Philosophy journals for which at least some issues are available online to University of Lethbridge students, faculty and staff.

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It may be difficult to imagine completing a research assignment or education program today without needing to use at least some Web-based information sources, but how can you distinguish between Web sources that are reputable and trustworthy, and those that are not?

Remember these key points:

Consider the following websites representing fee-free Web-based information sources in Philosophy:

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Materials from Other Libraries

You may wish to search the catalogues of other libraries to identify additional books or audio-visual materials on your Philosophy research topic. 

The Library will attempt to obtain or acquire copies of research materials (e.g., books, journal articles, videos) not available in the Library that are needed by University of Lethbridge students, faculty and staff.  This service, called Interlibrary Loans, requires that requestors have valid, current Library privileges, and works best if interlibrary loan requests are submitted at least 7 to 10 days in advance of the date by which they are needed.

The Interlibrary Loans: Borrowing Guidelines page provides information on what may be borrowed, by whom, how many requests may be submitted, how long you may have to wait to receive requested materials, and where you may pick up your interlibrary loan requests when they arrive.

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Writing and Style Guides

An important aspect of writing a research paper is properly acknowledging and citing the sources you have used.  Be aware that plagiarism (representing words or ideas belonging to someone else as your own) is an academic offense at the University of Lethbridge.  If your instructor does not prescribe a particular citation style for you to use, you may wish to choose one of the following citation styles commonly used in the humanities and social sciences:

Online guides are available to assist you with some basic information on citing your sources using various style guides.  For detailed information on how to cite specific sources, however, consult the full, printed manual for the citation style you have chosen.

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Help is available if you have difficulty finding or using information sources you require:

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