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May 22, 2009 - January 29, 2010


The Pahulje Endowment was formally established in 1997 with the initial donor, Mr. Ludvik Pahulje of Lethbridge, Alberta who started donating to the University Library in 1989. The Pahulje Endowment was established for the general purposes directed to the Library and, more specifically, for the ongoing acquisition of reading and resource materials (written or other forms).

Mr. Pahulje was born on December 26, 1916 in the rural village of Rakitnica, Slovenia, Europe. His personal experiences with war and its hardships in the 1940s prompted him to escape, without any of his family, to a neighbouring country. After a short stay there, he immigrated to Canada in 1948 with only some personal belongings, no English and the hope of new and better opportunities.

After an initial, brief stay in eastern Canada working as a railway labourer, he came to southern Alberta. He began his construction career as a carpenter. His roots as a carpenter and his entrepreneurial spirit developed into a multi-faceted career over five decades (approximately in chronological order): residential contractor and property developer [about a thousand houses in Lethbridge, particularly the Lakeview subdivision (sometimes whimsically referred to as "Pahulje's Coulee") and Medicine Hat], commercial contractor and property developer (hotel and several office and retail buildings), hotelier and commercial property owner and manager. He was keenly interested in the development and growth of Lethbridge and was a willing and approachable mentor on that subject.

Mr. Pahulje lived continuously in Lethbridge for about the last 60 years of his life. He appreciated and recognized the opportunity and support that southern Alberta provided to his family. He supported various local charities and service clubs, through volunteerism and financial donations.

The University of Lethbridge conferred upon him an honourary doctorate degree in 2003.

He and His wife, Danica, raised four children in Lethbridge and each child attended the University of Lethbridge. The Pahulje family continues to fund the Pahulje Endowment.

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