From the U of L Archives: Exploring the University

Jan-1-2012 - Apr-30-2012

This display ranges from the University of Lethbridge Archives, including books on archival preservation, to general themes exploring the status of universities today. The cabinet backgrounds are enlivened by posters made in the opening years of the University of Lethbridge and preserved by the Archives. The Archives can be an interesting research source as they include the following kinds of materials: "meeting minutes, correspondence, announcements, university publications, videos, audio tapes, personal papers, reports, building plans, photographs, posters, drama productions, artifacts, theses and dissertations." Please see the website below for more information on accessing the University of Lethbridge Archives.

Subject Headings
Archives; Conservation and restoration; Universities and colleges - philosophy; Education, Higher - Political aspects and economic aspects, Effect of technological innovations on; Student movements

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