The Ten Grandmothers Project

Feb-24-2010 - Apr-30-2010


The Ten Grandmothers Project, funded by the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation and the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, resulted in a series of interviews completed by Linda Many Guns of ten prominent Aboriginal women from different communities in the treaty seven area in Southern Alberta and was expanded in scope by the women to also include women from the South Peigan Nation in Montana.

The women were asked to share the advice given to them by their own mothers about raising healthy, happy, and respectful children and building strong family units in today's world. They were also asked their opinion on how to bring back Aboriginal values to the centre of family life. During the course of the project a traditional cotton dress was made for each woman.

Following the interviews, Linda Many Guns gave the tapes to young traditional women who created a symbolic picture of each woman's main message. These images were created by volunteers and each woman's message was created in a fabric square which were sewn together to make a beautiful quilt.

The display consists of a picture of each of the Ten Grandmothers along with a quote from their interviews and a corresponding picture of the square from the quilt.

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