Feminism Fun-tastic Week, February 23-27, 2009

Feb-4-2009 - Mar-2-2009


To tie in with Feminism Fun-tastic Week at the University of Lethbridge, we've created a table display of Library books that focus on feminist issues.  This event is coordinated by the Campus Women's Centre and will take place from Feb. 23 - 27, 2009.  Thanks to Megan Fester, volunteer with the Women's Centre on campus, who created the artwork for our display. 

All of the books are available for checkout and we encourage all University of Lethbridge Library users having current borrowing privileges to borrow items on display.

Subject Headings
Interested in searching the Library Catalogue for materials related to this topic? Use these terms in a Subject search: feminism; feminists; feminist theory; women's rights; women history, women legal status, laws, etc., ecofeminism

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