Religious Studies

Apr-19-2007 - Aug-28-2007

Our current display, focusing on the topic of religious studies, ties in with a Religious Studies Conference being held on the UofL campus from May 4-6, 2007.  The UofL Religious Studies Department is also hosting the 2007 Annual Meeting of

We showcased books on the major world religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, American Indian religions and more) as well as books on women's roles in the various faiths.

We encourage all University of Lethbridge Library users having current borrowing privileges to borrow items on display; simply ask at the General Services Desk and someone will retrieve the items for you.


Subject Headings
Interested in searching the Library Catalogue for materials related to this topic? Use these terms in a Subject search: judaism, islam, buddhism, christianity, hinduism, ritual, pentecostalism, church history, episcopal church, women in christianity, women in hinduism, women in islam, muslim women, bahai faith, mormon church, zen buddhism, women and religion, indians of north america religion

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