Designing Illusions for the Stage and Digital Media

Oct-5-2006 - Dec-22-2006

Our current display focuses on Library items which support University courses in stage design and stagecraft.

A special thanks to the Department of Theatre and Dramatic Arts for loaning us costumes and other items from the Doctor Faustus production held in the University Theatre last November, 2005.  Another special thanks goes to John Farwell who was very kind to loan us his stage model for Doctor Faustus as he created the set and lighting design for this production.  As well, special mention goes to Leslie Robison-Greene, costume designer for Doctor Faustus.


Subject Headings
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theaters stage-setting and scenery; scene painting, stage props, set designs, stage lighting, costume design, theatrical makeup, artists tools, multimedia art, television broadcasting-special effects, cinematography-special effects

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