Licensed Journals and Databases

The University Library holds many license agreements with publishers and vendors of journals and other resources in electronic format that may permit limited downloading, printing, and other uses of licensed works. You may use the Copyright Permissions Look-up tool, below, to search for the titles of journals in order to determine whether your desired use is permitted. This tool can help you determine whether you may, for example, download a copy of a journal article into Moodle, include an article in a printed or electronic coursepack, or place a printed copy of an article on Reserve.

Instructors should note that if you re-use a Moodle course containing licensed material, the original licensed material should first be deleted. If you wish to use the licensed material again in the new course, new permissions must be gathered or reverified before redownloading the material. Please contact the University Copyright Advisor if you have questions or would like assistance in determining copyright permissions for journal articles in the Library's collections.