Films and Videos

The Copyright Act amendments enacted on June 29, 2012, that came into effect on November 7, 2012, included expansion of the educational exceptions to copyright infringement to cover the public performance of cinematographic works (e.g., films and videos). Section 29.5 (d) of the Copyright Act provides that the public performance of a film or video in class is not an infringement of copyright as long as:

Provided that the above public performance conditions are met, any film or video may be screened in class without copyright owner permission whether the work is owned or licensed by the Library, publicly accessible via the Internet or owned, borrowed or rented by the instructor.

Prior to November 7, 2012, the University Library held two licensing agreements that allowed for classroom use (noncommercial public performances) of feature films represented by Audio Cine Films Inc. (ACF) and Criterion Pictures. These agreements required the University to report each of its public performance uses regardless of whether the film was owned by the Library, rented from a video store, or acquired through interlibrary loan.

As of March 1, 2013, the Library's Criterion Pictures and ACF licenses have expired and were not renewed. Public performance reporting for classroom screenings of films licensed by Criterion Pictures and ACF is therefore no longer required.

If you have copyright questions about films or videos you wish to use in class, please contact the University Copyright Advisor.