Notice and Notice Regime

Canada's Notice and Notice regime came into force on January 2, 2015, marking the last of the 2012 Copyright Act amendments to be implemented. The Notice and Notice provision specifies protocols that intermediaries such as Internet service providers (ISPs), web hosts, and search engine providers must use to receive, respond to, and manage complaints of copyright infringement. Since the University of Lethbridge hosts web content, we are obliged to comply with the "Provisions Respecting Providers of Network Services or Information Location Tools" described in sections 41.25 and 41.26 of the Copyright Act.

The Notice and Notice regime formalizes a process that many ISPs and hosts previously practiced voluntarily. Internet intermediaries are now legally required to take certain actions upon receiving a notice of claimed infringement from a copyright owner. These actions include receiving notices of claimed copyright infringement, forwarding notices to the alleged infringer, informing the copyright owner that the notice has been sent, and keeping a file of all notices to ensure they are available in the event that legal action is initiated. The steps are summarized in the Government of Canada's Backgrounder of June 2014.

In a nutshell, the Notice and Notice regime consists of the following provisions:

If you are the legal copyright holder of material that is accessible on a University of Lethbridge hosted website and believe the material infringes one or more of your copyrights, please complete the form below to register a notice of claimed copyright infringement. The following information must be provided in full for your notice to be received and acted upon, as per s. 41.25(2) of the Copyright Act. If you have any questions, please e-mail the University Copyright Advisor at

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