Copyright and Coursepacks

Do I need to obtain permission to use copyright material in my coursepacks?

Permissions clearance is required for copyrighted material included in a coursepack.  Some material may be covered by fair dealing or existing Library licenses covering institution-wide access to electronic resources that allow you to provide students with direct links to the full-text of the works.  In some cases our institutional licenses also allow you to include a printed copy in a coursepack or upload one or two articles or chapters to a secure learning management system such as Moodle.  The University Copyright Advisor office and the Bookstore work together to help you determine the best way of providing students in your courses with affordable, copyright-cleared access to course-related reading materials in printed, digital or online modes.

Some copyrighted materials such as Ivey and Harvard business cases may be used as course readings only when a per-copy licensing fee is paid. All licenses required for reproducing or distributing copyrighted course readings (as class handouts, in coursepacks or as readings made available via E-Reserve or Moodle) will be ordered by the University Copyright Advisor office. If you would like to use Ivey or Harvard business cases in your course, please submit a coursepack request to the Bookstore. The Bookstore will then forward your list of coursepack materials to the University Copyright Advisor office for permissions clearance. See the Guidelines for Producing Custom Coursepacks for information on how to submit a coursepack request.

If you wish to know the copyright permission status of course readings before submitting a coursepack request to the Bookstore, please send the University Copyright Advisor a list detailing your selected readings as far in advance of the course start date as possible.

Please provide the following (where relevant) for each item in your course reading list:

  • title of source (e.g., title of book or journal)
  • author/editor of source
  • publisher
  • title of excerpt (e.g., title of chapter or article)
  • author of excerpt
  • ISBN/ISSN number
  • journal volume and issue number
  • page range of excerpt
  • total pages (books only)
  • URL/web address (Internet sources)

The works in your submitted reading lists will be assessed for copyright clearance requirements, which applies to materials from the Internet, government publications, business cases, and unpublished works, not just books and journals.

For information about ordering a coursepack, please see the Bookstore.

If I have permission to put something on Moodle, may I also include it in a coursepack?
What is the overall process for determining copyright permissions for course readings?

If all works on your course reading list can be accessed via persistent links, in general, copyright permissions are not required because links do not constitute copies of the works they reference. You may provide those links to students in whatever manner you choose. But if you prefer to provide students with digital or printed copies of the works in your course reading list, each reading needs to be assessed as to whether or not copyright permissions are required.

Please see the Copyright Permissions Flow Chart for an overview of the steps involved in assessing whether permission is required for reproducing or distributing course readings and other works to students. For assistance in assessing the copyright permissions status of works in your coursepack, please contact the University Copyright Advisor.