Subject Librarians

Subject librarians are Library faculty members who are responsible for maintaining contact with faculty, collection management and specialized reference and instruction service in their assigned subject fields. Information literacy is a major focus of library service that includes both planning and facilitating instructional sessions to students and faculty of the assigned subject area.

Subject Area Librarian Phone Email Address Location
Anthropology Stevens, Rhys 403-329-5176 L1158
Arts & Science, Faculty of
Arts & Science - First Nations Transition Program Glover, Andrea 403-329-2390 L1164
Arts & Science - Liberal Education Eva, Nicole 403-329-2588 L1142
Library Science Graham, Rumi 403-329-2179 L1154
Biological Sciences Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Agricultural Studies Eva, Nicole 403-329-2588 L1142
Environmental Science Stevens, Rhys 403-329-5176 L1158
Chemistry & Biochemistry Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Economics Eva, Nicole 403-329-2588 L1142
Education, Faculty of Cardozo, Paula 403-329-2273 L1146
English Cowan, Sandra 403-332-4465 L1152
Fine Arts, Faculty of Cowan, Sandra 403-332-4465 L1152
Geography Stevens, Rhys 403-329-5176 L1158
Archaeology Stevens, Rhys 403-329-5176 L1158
Geography Stevens, Rhys 403-329-5176 L1158
Graduate Studies, School of Graham, Rumi 403-329-2179 L1154
Health Sciences, Faculty of Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Health Sciences - Alberta Gaming Research Institute Stevens, Rhys 403-329-5176 L1158
History Perry, Mike 403-329-2714 L1172D
Kinesiology & Physical Education Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Management, Faculty of Eva, Nicole 403-329-2588 L1142
Mathematics & Computer Science Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Modern Languages Cowan, Sandra 403-332-4465 L1152
Native American Studies Glover, Andrea 403-329-2390 L1164
Neuroscience Graham, Rumi 403-329-2179 L1154
Philosophy Graham, Rumi 403-329-2179 L1154
Physics & Astronomy Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Political Science Eva, Nicole 403-329-2588 L1142
Psychology Graham, Rumi 403-329-2179 L1154
Religious Studies Cowan, Sandra 403-332-4465 L1152
Social Work, UofC Faculty of Scott, David 403-329-5178 L1160
Sociology Cardozo, Paula 403-329-2273 L1146
Women & Gender Studies Cardozo, Paula 403-329-2273 L1146

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