Borrowing Guidelines

Library materials may be borrowed from...
Important URL's to bookmark
What you need to register for borrowing privileges
Summary of borrowing privileges
Holds, recalls and bookings
Using Interlibrary Loan
Fees, fines and charges
Fine appeal procedures

Library materials may be borrowed from:

General Services Desk (L1007; 403-329-2265)

Self-check Terminals (at General Services Desk)

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Important URLs to Bookmark:

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What you need to register for borrowing privileges:

Please note:

As a University of Lethbridge Library Borrower, you are responsible for:

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Summary of Borrowing Privileges

For specific details on borrower categories and privileges consult the corresponding Borrowing Privileges Package.


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Holds, recalls, and bookings:

"I can't find what I am looking for and I have been searching for days!"


If the item required is not on the shelf and is not checked out, ask for assistance from a Library staff member. If the item is still not found, inform the General Services Desk staff who will place a trace/hold on the item. The item will be searched for and if it is still not located within three working days, the status is changed to MISSING.

[NOTE: Interlibrary Loan requests are accepted for items whose status is listed as MISSING or LOST in the online library catalogue and will not be charged against an individual's yearly quota.] 



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Using Interlibrary Loan

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Overdue Fines/Charges:/


$0.50 per item per DAY overdue for first 14 days; $1.00 per item per DAY overdue for day 15+

Serials (bound and unbound journals/magazines):

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Interlibrary loans:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Special loans:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Recalled materials:

$1.50 per item per DAY overdue

Reserve hourly loans: (2 hour, 4 hour, 24 hour, 48 hour)

$1.00 per item per HOUR overdue

Reserve seven day loans:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Audio-visual software:

$1.00 per item per DAY overdue

Audio-visual equipment:

$1.00 per item per HOUR or DAY overdue (circulation varies depending on item demand)

Lost/damaged materials:

Cost of replacement/repair plus $25 processing fee for lost items


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Fine Appeal Procedures

The Fines Appeal process applies to fines incurred by the borrower. If you feel a fine was applied unfairly, then you have the right to appeal the fine.

  1. Appeals regarding fines should be directed to the check-out desk from which an item was borrowed and appointments may be arranged with the Supervisor, Access Services.
  2. If resolution cannot be reached with the supervisor, borrowers may then appeal to the General Faculties Council (GFC) Fines Appeal Committee using a Library Fines Appeal form. This Committee has representation from the Library, the student body and the faculty. Decisions of the GFC Fines Appeal Committee are final.

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