Archives Guidelines


The University Archives is responsible for selecting, preserving, and making available for reference the University's non-current official records in whatever media they exist. "Records" means all information, regardless of media or characteristics, made or received and maintained by the University in pursuance of its legal obligations or in the transaction of its business. Such archival materials provide the documentation on the University's fulfillment of its functions of teaching, research, and public service, thus rendering the University's long-range accountability to the society that sustains it.


The Archives has the following objectives:

Reference Services

Image of the construction of University Hall in 1971

The Archives provides reference services for both education/research and administrative purposes. The extent of reference services varies with the type of request, but at the minimum, includes guidance on the use of finding aids and on the potential sources of the information sought, and an explanation of how to use the relevant records. Within reasonable limits, the Archives provides information about the history of the University, the development of its policies and procedures, the history of its programs, its organization, and the individuals who have been connected with it.

Access Restrictions

The Archives offers as much freedom of access as possible to its archival materials. Nevertheless, the nature of and restrictions upon the deposited materials may impose limitations upon access in accordance with the following classifications:

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