Custom Map Tutorials

A quick and easy way to create a custom digital map is by using ArcGIS Explorer Desktop software that can be downloaded for free using the link on the Library's Spatial Data webpage. There are 3 very helpful tutorials on this webpage too which take you step-by-step through the process using datasets from the Library's Spatial Data Collection and/or data you have collected into a spreadsheet.  No prior GIS (Geographic Information System) experience needed!

Tutorial Overview:
1. How to download ArcGIS Explorer from the ESRI website and spatial data from the Library website. (3:19) [link]
2. How to use ArcGIS Explorer to add overlays to a map. (7:38) [link]
3. How to add data from a spreadsheet into ArcGIS Explorer. (7:08) [link]

December 6, 2012