Frequently Asked Questions - Booking Study Rooms/Equipment/Multimedia

1. Can I book a group work room?
Undergraduate and graduate students can book the group work rooms.  For information on how to book a room, check out question 2 below.

2. How do I book a group work room?
Go to the Library homepage and click on the Book Group Work Room icon on the right-hand column of the page or scan the QR code on the door of each bookable group work room. Check out the Group Work Room Use Policy.

3. How long can I book a group work room for?
You can book a work room for two hours.

4. What kind of equipment can I book?
You can book laptops, data projectors, digital cameras, camcorders and more.  View a complete list of bookable equipment and accessories here.  For information on how to book equipment, check out question 5 below.

5. How do I book equipment?

You can book equipment in two ways:

6. Can I book DVDs or other multimedia items?
Yes, you can book various multimedia software such as DVDs, some CDs, etc. To find out how to book these items, see question 7 below.

7. How do I book DVDs or other multimedia items?
You can book these in two ways:

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