Frequently Asked Questions - Renewals

1. How do I renew my items?
To renew your items, choose any of the following methods: 

  • Renew them online by logging into Your Library Record
  • Ask us to renew them at the General Services Desk on Level 10
  • Phone us at 403-329-2265 and ask us to renew them
  • Fax us the request at 403-329-2234

2. Can I renew media equipment?
Audiovisual equipment with hourly loan periods cannot be renewed. However, equipment with daily loan periods can be renewed one time.

Check out further information on circulation of media equipment and software.

3. How many times can I renew my items?
Main collection books and media equipment with daily loan periods can be renewed 1 to 2 times--it will depend on your borrowing privileges.


For more information on renewing other items, click here and choose your status.

4. I have reached my maximum number of renewals on a book, how can I get it again?
You must bring the book back to us so we can check it in. If no one else has placed a hold on it, we will renew it.

5. I have to return this book and someone else has already put a hold on it. How can I get it again?
Return it to us and ask us to place a hold on it for you. Then you will be able to get it again within three weeks.

6. Do I have to bring my items in to renew them?
Unless you reached your maximum renewals per item, no, you don't. Choose any of the following methods:


  • Go online and renew them yourself
  • Request a renewal at the General Services Desk
  • Request a renewal by phoning us at 403-329-2265
  • Fax us the request at 403-329-2234

7. Do I need my Campus ID card to renew items?
If you renew items at the General Services Desk, you will need your Campus ID card. You will not need your Campus ID card if you renew online or over the phone, but you will need your University ID number.

8. Why do I have to return a Library item before it is due?
If you sign out a book, you are guaranteed a three week loan period (it depends on the collection and your borrowing privileges). If you renew the book, then someone places a hold on it, you will get an email stating that someone has placed a hold on it and you will be given a new due date. In your renewal period, you are not guaranteed three weeks.

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 Content Revised: October 15, 2015