Frequently Asked Questions - Printing

1. Which computers can I print from?
U of L students may print from any public computers situated throughout all three levels of the Library.

Printing capability is not available to anyone using a laptop in the Library.


Note: Printing is available to students who have deposited money on their Bridge Bucks account.  This can be done at the Bridge Bucks machine near the Library entrance as well as at other locations across campus. You can also use the [More info on Bridge Bucks].


2. Where do I pick up my printouts?
You can pick up your printouts at any of the four machines in the Library as well as others located across campus. [More info on location of machines]


3. Where do I add money to my print account?
You can add money to your Bridge Bucks account at either the Bridge Bucks machine near the Library entrance or other locations across campus. For addition payment options on campus and online, click here.


4. Does the Library have a colour printer?
Yes, the Library does have a colour printer.  You can print from any Library computer; simply select \\printserver\Follow-You colour from the printer choices on your computer and pick up your colour copy from the printer situated beside the two copier/printers on level 10 north (near the General Services Desk). 



5. Can I duplex (double-sided) print in the Library?
Yes, you can duplex print in the Library by choosing double-sided printing before sending your print job.


6. How much does it cost to print?
Black & white copies cost $.15 per page ($.30 double-sided). Colour printing costs $.25 per page ($.50 double-sided).

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 Content Revised: October 15, 2015