Frequently Asked Questions - Media

1. How long can we take equipment out for?
Audio-visual equipment circulates on an hourly or on a daily loan depending on whether it is a) high demand, high-use equipment and b) the number we have of a given type of equipment. Check out the list of equipment and the corresponding loan periods.

2. How do I book equipment?
To book equipment, you can either

3. How do I borrow equipment?
Come to the General Services Desk on Level 10 to pick up the equipment any time the Library is open. To ensure the equipment is available you may book the equipment ahead of time. You can book it yourself through the Library Catalogue or ask the General Services Desk staff to book it for you (403-329-2265).  For information on how to book through the Library Catalogue, see question #2 above. [More]

4. How long will you hold booked equipment?
Booked equipment will only be held for a half hour past the booking time. Then it will be circulated to anyone else who requests it. [More]

5. Where can I access Firewire on campus?

You can borrow Firewire cables from the General Services Desk or access it in the Mac labs:

6. Where can I digitize VHS material?
You can digitize materials in the Mac labs:

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