Frequently Asked Questions - Library Cards

1. Do I need a special Library Card to sign out library materials?
Your Campus ID Card is the only card you need to use in the Library.

2. Can I use my driver's license to sign out library materials?
Unfortunately, using your driver's license, your watch, or your first-born as collateral will not do! The only way you will be allowed to borrow library materials is with your Campus ID Card.

3. Can I use a friend's card to borrow books?
Campus ID Cards are not transferable and will be honoured only when presented by the legitimate cardholder.

4. I graduated from the U of L. What privileges do I have for borrowing materials?
Check out more information on borrowing privileges for alumni.

Another option is for you to go to a library where you are a member in good standing and ask for a TAL (The Alberta Library) Card (free of charge). This card enables you to sign out materials from other member libraries in Alberta. We are participants in this consortium and will honour TAL cards. Check out our borrowing privileges for TAL card borrowers.

Note: Materials from the Curriculum Laboratory cannot be signed out with a TAL Card as the Curriculum Laboratory is not a member of the TAL program.

5. I want that card that allows me to borrow books from the Public Library free of charge.  How does that work?
We will issue a TAL (The Alberta Library) Card (free of charge) to any U of L student, faculty or staff. This card can be used to borrow materials from any participating library in Alberta. Remember that you must update this card every semester.

6. I lost my Campus ID Card and I need to borrow these books. What can I do?

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