Frequently Asked Questions - Photocopying

1. Where are the photocopiers in the library?
There are four photocopiers in the Print/Copy Centres in the Library.  You can also print to these multifunctional machines.  One is on Level 9, two are on Level 10 north near the Library exit, and one in the entrance to the Curriculum Laboratory on Level 11. [More]

2. How do I pay for photocopies?
Your Campus ID card serves as a debit card which can be used across campus for various goods and services transactions, including photocopying. You can add money to it in several locations across campus, including a Cash Manager near the front entrance of the Library. See question 6 below for locations.  [More information on Bridge Bucks]

For those who wish to use coins, there is a coin machine attached to one of the photocopiers on level 10 north.

3. How much does it cost to photocopy?
Black & white copies costs 11 cents for one-side and 22 cents for two-sided when using your Campus ID card.  The cost is 15 cents per page when using coins.  Color copies cost 25 cents for one-sided and 50 cents for two-sided.

4. Where can I get change for the coin photocopier?
You can get change from the General Services Desk on Level 10.

5. Do any of the copiers use coins?
Yes, one on level 10. The cost is 15 cents per page versus 11 cents per page if using your Campus ID card.

6. Where can I put Bridge Bucks on my card?
For a complete list of Cash Load Stations and service points that allow you to add value to Bridge Bucks, click here.


7. Can I make transparencies in the Library?
Yes, you can use the public photocopiers to make transparencies.  Choose the bypass function and proceed.

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 Content Revised: September 18, 2015