Frequently Asked Questions - Computers

1. Which computers can I print from?
U of L students may print from any public computer in the Library.

Printing capability is not available to anyone using a laptop in the Library.

Note: Printing is available to students who have deposited money on their Bridge Bucks account.  This can be done at the Bridge Bucks machine near the Library entrance as well as at other locations across campus. [More information on Bridge Bucks.]

2. Can I access my U of L email from the Library computers?
Yes, you can. Choose one of the following:

  • Click on the Web Mail icon at the top of the Library homepage, OR
  • Type in the URL and you will be prompted for your username and password.

However, we recommend that you use the Library computers for research only as they are in high demand.

3. I'm having problems connecting to the Library's electronic resources from home? HELP!
Please contact the Library's Information and Research Assistance Desk or General Services Desk during operation hours, or use the Ask Us online service.

4. Where are the computers in the Library?

5. How do I logoff?

  1. Click Start (lower left-hand corner of computer)
  2. Click Shut Down
  3. Choose Logoff
  4. Click Yes

Whenever you use a Library computer that requires you to give your user name and password, remember to log out of the system when you are done. This ensures that someone cannot use the same computer to view and change your information after you leave.

Leaving yourself logged in means unpleasant or embarrassing email can be sent out under your name.


6. Are there computers available for use in the group work rooms?
Yes, the Library provides both Mac and Windows laptops that are available to borrow from the Library's General Services Desk, the use of which is subject to availability. [More information on group work rooms.]


7. Where is the best area in the Library to find an unoccupied computer?
You can locate an available computer very quickly by checking out TRAC (TRacking Accessible Computers) on the computer located at the Library entrance.  There is a map of each floor in the Library that tracks which public computers are vacant, occupied, or out-of-order.

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