Frequently Asked Questions - Code of Conduct (Noise, Food, Drink, Cell Phones...)

1. Can I eat or drink in the Library?
Yes, beverages with spill-resistant lids, and cold foods which produce minimal mess and smell are permitted in the Library. [More]

2. Can I use my cell phone in the Library?
Cell phone ringers and conversations disturb others trying to study so audible ringers must be turned off on cell phones upon entering the Library. All cell phone conversations must occur outside of the Library. [More]

3. I'm trying to find a quiet study area in the Library. Are some areas quieter than others?
There are designated quiet study areas in the Library marked with appropriate signage. All of Level 9 and the south side of Level 10 are designated quiet study areas; thus loud talking, group work and cell phone conversations are not permitted.

Room L1168 on Level 11 in the Library is designated as a silent study area during restricted hours. Please note the restrictions for this room.

4. Can I leave my personal belongings at a computer station or on a table in the Library while I leave for a short time?
Personal belongings should never be left unattended as thefts do occur. You don't want to be a statistic! [More]

5. Am I allowed to listen to music on headphones while I'm in the Library?
Yes, but please respect others around you by keeping the volume turned low. [More]

6. Where's the best place for a group to work together on a project?
Group work rooms on Levels 10 and 11 in the Library are the best place for group work. Additional areas for group work are all of Level 11 and the north side of Level 10. Group work is not permissible in designated quiet zones which are all of Level 9 and the south side of Level 10. [More]

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 Content Revised: October 16, 2015