Frequently Asked Questions - Borrowing

1. How many books can I sign out at one time?
U of L students, staff and faculty can sign out as many books as they want at one time--there are no restrictions.

2. I'm not a student, faculty or staff at the U of L. How can I borrow materials from the library?
There are two avenues for you to take:

3. Can I view a list of the items I have on loan?

4. Can I sign out journals?
Faculty, staff, and students can sign out most journals for a period of 2 weeks. Current journals (those received in the last 12 months) can only be checked out for 1 day. The "Received Date" stamped on the front of the journal is what is used to gauge the 12 month period.

5. Can I sign out government documents?
No, government documents must be used in the Library. Photocopiers are available on levels 9, 10 and 11 in the Library.

6. When can I pick up audiovisual equipment?
You can pick up this equipment at the General Services Desk on level 10 any hours that the Library is open.

7. Do you have a record of the titles I have borrowed from the Library in the past?
Sorry, once you have returned your library items, your record is wiped clean and we have no way of knowing what you checked out in the past.


8. Do you have a laptop computer I can borrow?
Yes, you can borrow laptop computers at the General Services Desk.  [More]

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 Content Revised: October 16, 2015