Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Journal and Newspaper Articles

1. Which index or database should I use to find an article?
From the Library's homepage, click on Databases by Subject in the middle of the page. Click on the broad subject area that relates to your topic. Then connect to any of the databases listed and search by your topic.

2. Does the library have all the journals listed in the databases?
No, our library does not have all the journals listed in the databases. For information on how to find out what journals the library has, check out question 3 below.

3. How can I find out if the library has a journal?
To check which journals we have, go to our Library homepage, choose Journal Title from the drop down menu, and type the title of the journal in the "Journal Title" box. If we have the journal, a list of access options will display below the title. [More] If we don't have a particular journal, you have the option of requesting it through the Interlibrary Loans process.

4. What can I do if the library doesn't have the journal I want?
You have the option of requesting the article through the Interlibrary Loans process. You must fill out an online form and submit it electronically. To access this form, go to our Library homepage, mouse over Self-Serve and click on Request Interlibrary Loan. [More]

5. Can I access the Library's databases from home?
Yes, U of L students, faculty and staff have access to the Library's databases from their home computers if they have an Internet connection. If you use the U of L as your service provider, you should have access just as you do on campus. If you have another service provider, you will be prompted to give your name and campus ID number in order to gain access.

If you have problems connecting to the databases from home, check out the Assistance Connecting from Off-campus webpage.

6. How can I tell which databases have the fulltext of the articles?
To access our databases, follow these links: Library homepage > Databases By Title or > Databases by Subject. To view a description of each databases, click on "More" beside each title. Look for bullets containing the word "full-text".

7. I'm not a U of L student, staff or faculty member. Can I access your databases?
If you come into the Library, you will be able to access all databases from the Library's computers. Anyone is welcome to do this. However, you will not have access to all databases from off campus, as access to our subscription databases is restricted to U of L students, staff and faculty members. Check out our list of free databases available to anyone.

8. I have an abbreviated journal title and need the full title. How can I find the complete title?
From our Library homepage, click on Web Resources > E-Reference > Abbreviations & Acronyms. Choose the most appropriate link and enter the journal title abbreviation. If you're still unable to find the complete title, ask for assistance at the Information and Research Assistance Desk on Level 10 (329-2263) or ask via Ask Us.

9. I've never accessed journal articles before. Where do I start?
To view options for getting help, check out our Ask Us service. Your best choice will be to come into the Library and ask the Information and Research Assistance Desk staff for help getting started. [Hours of opening]

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 Content Revised: February 28, 2013

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