UoASS - The University

Number of Students Enrolled

There are currently more than 3,000 students enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden.


Language of Instruction

Apart from courses in German, the University in Schmalkalden also offers a wide range of courses taught in English.


Courses Offered

For courses offered in English, please visit this website. The number of courses offered in English increases annually, but the Spring semester always offers more English courses than the Fall. In many classes which are taught in German, international exchange students can write the exam or a course work in English to receive credit for the course.

German language classes at various levels are offered to international students. These courses include Tandem work with German partner students. Other foreign languages taught include French, Spanish, and Russian.


German Culture and Language Program

This two-week-long program introduces students to the German language and culture, both through classroom instruction and field trips. The program generally runs from the beginning to the middle of July, and costs €500. Exchange students who have participated in a full-semester spring exchange in Schmalkalden are welcome to participate in this program free of charge. During any given semester, there are two German language courses offered. One for beginners and the other for those more advance in their understanding of the language, referred to as Business German.


International Summer School

The FH Schmalkalden also offers a popular three-week-long summer school program called International Summer School Schmalkalden (ISSS) which is held in June every summer. It is designed to bring international students from all Schmalkalden's partner universities together for a fun international learning experience. Courses are taught by both international instructors and by German instructors from partner universities. The courses have international and cross-cultural topics and are all taught in English. In addition to classes, the program offers a series of organized field trips for participants.

A maximum of 2 U of L courses (6 credits) can be earned for during the Schmalkalden Summer School. The three-week program includes an array of seminar courses focused on a different theme each year. Participation in the ISSS costs €1150 which covers, accommodation and various trips and tours of the surrounding area.

For more information about the ISSS program please see our short-term exchange page.


Credit System and Transfer

As the European university academic structure varies greatly from the North American system, courses completed at a European exchange partner will not be transferred back to the U of L on a course-for-course basis. Rather, exchange course credit is based on the number of ECTS (European Transfer Credit System) credits earned by the student while in Schmalkalden.