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Number of Students Enrolled


Language of Instruction

All courses are held in Spanish. Fluent Spanish skills prior to arrival are required.


Courses Offered

Students will select their courses upon application to UBP and finalize upon arrival. Official transcripts are submitted to the University of Lethbridge with a copy for the student in January for the fall semester and August for the spring semester.

At UBP, exchange students must take at least two courses from the Spanish Language and Culture Program-PLyCH.

  • Programa General del Intensivo
  • Español Avanzado
  • Español Avanzado I
  • Español Avanzado II
  • Introducción a los Géneros Literarios
  • Literatura Argentina
  • Historia Contemporánea de Argentina y América Latina
  • Historia y Civilización Latinoamericana
  • Cultura Popular Argentina
  • Curso Preparacion DELE
  • Ritmos Latinoamericanos
  • Taller Cultural

For more information visit UBP's website.

The PLyCH courses are taught in Spanish but are organized and delivered specifically for exchange students. Aside from this, exchange students studying at UBP may choose from the university's general curriculum courses, which cover a wide range and include: management, communications, political sciences, and economics.

Each exchange student is matched with a local student tutor to provide additional academic assistance, particularly at the beginning of the semester, when the entirely Spanish-language courses can be quite a challenge.

The Universidad Blas Pascal offers a pre-semester language and culture course held before each of their regular semesters. The US$1600 cost of this program includes the tuition for the course (60 hours of language instruction), a home-stay (three meals/day, laundry service, etc.), medical insurance, Córdoba airport reception, a tutor, and numerous group excursions. This course is offered immediately before the regular fall semester and helps give students a head start on their Spanish language skills before the regular semester.



Main Homepage: To visit the university's main homepage, click here.

Exchange Website: For more information about the university's inbound program, click here.


Credit System and Transfer

Information from UBP's website: "Students who apply at Universidad Blas Pascal are strongly advised to contact their academic advisors so as to determine the transferability back to their home institutions. Those who participate in our program through our affiliated institutions should have no difficulty in transferring credits. Additional information regarding our course offerings can be sent when necessary."