UBP - Approximate Expenses

U of L Tuition and Other Fees

The Tuition fee is paid to the University of Lethbridge according to the current fee schedule:

  • U of L 2017/2018 Undergraduate Program fees for Canadian students:
    • One course: $658.82
    • Two courses: $1,197.97
    • Three courses: $2,045.67
    • Four courses: $2,584.82
    • Five courses: $3,123.97
  • U of L 2016/2017 Graduate Program fees for Canadian students:
    • One course: $825.16
    • Two courses: $1,450.66

These fees are subject to change. Current U of L fees can be seen in the fees section of the academic calendar


Health Insurance

The University Blas Pascal works with OSDE (http://www.osde.com.ar/), which is a company that is highly trusted in Argentina. OSDE covers 100% of medical attention, including hospitalization and surgery, and 40% of medication. This health insurance is a MANDATORY for all international students and must be paid during the first 10 days of the program.


Summary of Approximate Expenses

Airfare CAD 1,000-1,700 return
U of L Tuition CAD 2,045.67 per semester, for three courses
Rent CAD 350-500 per month
Food CAD 200-300 per month
Transportation CAD 80 per month
Textbooks CAD 200  
Admission fee USD 100 one-time
Visa AR$ 1.375  
Reciprocity Fee USD 160  
Exchange Fee and Health Insurance* USD 950 compulsory, for one semester
Pre-semester Spanish course USD 1,760-2,460 optional but highly recommended


*This fee covers all the extracurricular activities plus the health insurance fee for one semester. Among the extracurricular activities that UBP organizes for international students, you may find:

  • Orientation activities
  • Welcome lunch
  • Assistance to obtain te student visa
  • City tour
  • Visit to a museum or a historical site
  • One excursion
  • Tutor (an Argentine student who will help the international student in the adaptation process)
  • Farewell gathering
  • Permanent assistance during the whole program