Newly Admitted Students

University Admissions

The Registrar's Office is responsible for the administration of all University applications, including international students.

Letter of Acceptance

Once you have received a “Letter of Acceptance – Use for applying for Canadian Study Permit,” you can then apply for a Visa/Study Permit.

You will receive this letter even if you are currently residing in Canada.

You will use this document to apply for your study permit and visa application. This document provides the personal, institutional and program information that immigration officers need to assess your visa application.

You will see a choice of expiry dates. Please advise the Canadian Embassy in your country as to the semester you wish to begin your studies.

Applying for a Visa and a Study Permit

We will provide you with an email containing specific Visa requirements, based on your country of origin.

For general immigration information the Citizen and Immigration Canada web site has valuable information for you, including an Instruction Guide, Application for a Study Permit and a document checklist.

Each visa office has its own instructions about which documents you must submit with your application. Consult the list of Canadian visa offices to find the office responsible for your country.

Processing Time

Please check with your visa office to determine how much processing time you should allow. See Delaying Registration.

After the local visa office processes your application, you will be informed whether your study permit/visa was approved or refused. Please contact Us to let us know the result.

Approved Visas 

  1. You must email us to let us know that your visa/study permit has been approved to
  2. Please include a scanned copy of that visa/study permit

Accepting Your Offer of Admission

  1. Once you have your visa/study permit, please send us an email or fax us (+403-382-7140) to inform us that you would like to accept your offer for admission. We will send you a form to accept your offer and will provide you with further information. Please include the following information:
    • Your 9-digit U of L Student ID number provided by the Registrar's Office. You will find this on your Letter of Acceptance.

    • A scanned copy of your study permit approval (and visa if applicable).


  1. Once the Univeristy has received your Acceptance of Admission we will send you an email about registration and payment information. You will also receive an electronic Course Registration Booklet. See Fees for Visa Students.

    Once you have registered and have begun your studies, you will be considered a current student.