2017 Capture Culture Photo Contest Winners and Finalists

Congratulations to the winners in both categories of our 2017 Capture Culture Photo Contest!

The International Centre would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who submitted photos in the 2017 Capture Culture Photo Contest.  We received 56 photos showcasing a diverse range of cultures and landscapes.  We also thank the university community for coming out to vote for their favorite photo.

Winner in the Cities & Landscape category:

Railay Beach

This photo was taken at Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand. This shot takes me back to a very happy place and reminds me of the peaceful and carefree lifestyle of this Thai beach.

Submission by Andrew Novello

Winner in the People & Culture category:

Carry Your Culture - with Love in Canada

Saree - a traditional attire in Bangladesh. Girls wear saree as a symbol of beauty, elegance and feminism. Being born in a country with rich heritage; my passion is to showcase my culture alongside the scenic beauty of Canada. This is me, wearing saree in the majestic landscape of Waterton.

Submission by Iffatur Ridwan


Finalists in the Cities & Landscapes category:


Lake Bled

Beautiful Lake Bled in the Julian Alps is an iconic stop in Slovenia. Cliff-hanging Bled Castle looms over Church of the Assumption on the lake.

Submission by Michael Persinger


Glory of Twilight

It was one of the worst days in my life when I just reached at Lethbridge leaving my friends and family 10000 miles away. At the evening, a person came and took me to the Park Lake, Lethbridge. The evening beauty of Park Lake made me forget the past.

Submission by Mohammad Shahin Alam


Mighty Himalayas

I took this photo 5 years back while going to Himachal Pradesh from Delhi, India. After a long bumpy rain-soaked journey in the Himalayas, the sun came out. In the picturesque backdrop, the only way to Kalpa in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh was through this cave. The beauty of mother nature inspired us to brave the cold and wet weather.

Submission by Shweta Soni


Treasures of an Ancient Creek

In last summer, I went to Waterton with my friends. While walking through the creek, I saw very colorful rocks lying under the creek water. I could not stop myself capturing the beauty of the rocks.

Submission by Mohammad Shahin Alam


Finalists in the People & Culture category:


Break from the Chaos

This photo was taken in Nainital, India. The lady photographed was looking out onto the busy streets from the roof of her house.

Submission by Jessica Makepeace


Native Child

This is a photograph of a child (approx. 4/5 yrs old) who I met in Cebu, Philippines. 

He is grinning amiably.

Submission by Lily Cho


Burning Kettle

Street-side tea stalls has been a significant part of daily life of the people in Indian subcontinent since British colonial era. If you are first visiting Bangladesh, you will find a common scenario beside the streets that mud-made ovens just before the street-side tea stalls holding multiple kettles boiling tea.

Submission by Mohammad Shahin Alam


Boudhanath Stupa Before The Earthquake

In February 2015, Kathmandu was my very last stop on a 13 month long journey around the world. This Buddhist monk is spinning prayer wheels at the Boudhanath Stupa. Two months after this photo was taken, this temple was badly damaged in a devastating earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 people.

Submission by Steve Brodrick