Restore previous versions of files on your OneDrive

If you have made changes to a file or perhaps overwritten a file with a different file that happened to have the same name, you can restore the file from a previous version. Do this by right-clicking on the file in OneDrive and select “Version History” or you can click the ellipsis (…) for the file item menu and then the second ellipsis for more options. You can also select the file and then click on the “more” menu directly (at the top) and then select “Version History.”

How do I create and delete a Yammer Group?

Yammer allows you to create groups, either public or private, to let you separate content out based on a specific topic or project.  Public groups allow anyone on the University of Lethbridge Yammer network to participate in the conversation, and they are encouraged wherever possible to allow free exchange of ideas.  Private groups can be limited to just certain members of the network to limit the conversation. 

How to Create a Group:

1. Log in to Yammer.


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