U of L faculty and staff can benefit from a new software package made possible by an agreement between the University of Lethbridge and Adobe Systems Inc.

The enhanced Adobe Creative Cloud for education agreement provides a full suite of software, free of charge, for use at work. The agreement also offers a work-at-home package for only $14.16 per year for personal Windows and Apple computers.

The Creative Cloud suite includes, but is not limited to Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Edge Animate, Acrobat XI Pro, Illustrator, and a variety of other Adobe products.

IMPORTANT: For University-owned computers, faculty and staff should contact the Solutions Centre to request installation.

To purchase Creative Cloud for home computers, there are some important details interested buyers should know ahead of time.

  • The work-at-home software is for personal and professional supplement purchases only.
  • To download, click on the IT Store (linked on the left side of this page)
  • Click on Take Me to the IT Store button. If you have already logged in, you will be required to do so using your U of L username and password.
  • Click on the Kivuto button.
  • Click on Start Shopping. The Adobe Creative Cloud icon can be found under the Adobe tab.

Both the download and installation steps can take up to one hour each. If home internet bandwidth is not high speed, it is recommended the download take place on campus.

The best options are to either bring a laptop onto campus to download the software and then proceed with the installation at home or, for home desktop computers, download the software onto a work computer and copy the installation file onto a 32GB USB key that has a minimum of 16GBs of free space.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Solutions Centre at (403) 329-2490 or