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IT Services offers many different telephone services. Included are:

  1. Local and long distance calling
  2. Inbound calling
  3. Voicemail
  4. Peripherals such as headsets, cameras, and cables
  5. ACD/IVR Services (Automated Call Distribution / Interactive Voice Response)
How do I request this service?: 

Contact the ITS Solutions Centre.

What is the cost for this service?: 

Varied, based on the service selected.

When is this service available?: 

This service is available Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

How do I get help with this service?: 

Contact the ITS Solutions Centre.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 403-329-2490
  • In person: E610 University Hall

Telephone Resources

Using your telephone

Find the corresponding model number below and follow the link for a quick reference brochure on using your Cisco I.P. telephone. This model number is located on the top right-hand corner of your phone.

Using Voicemail

If you are using a Cisco IP Phone your voice mail is handled by the Unified Voice Mail system. The following instructions will guide you through the set-up and usage of your Unified Voice Mail account.

Instructions for setting up your Unified Voice Mail Account

  1. Dial 2800 from your desk phone, or press the Messages key.
  2. You will be prompted for your password, the default password is 147369. If you are not prompted for your password contact the Solutions Centre as your phone is not yet setup for voice mail.
  3. Go through the auto-enrolment. During the enrolment you will be asked to change your password; there are three rules for passwords:
    • Must be at least 6 digits long.
    • Cannot contain the phone number.
    • Cannot be sequential (123456) or repeating (111111) digits.
  4. Once you have completed auto-enrollment your voice mail is ready to go.

Instructions for using your Unified Voice Mail

To access IPtel voice mail from:

Your desk phone
Dial 2800 or press the Messages Key
Another phone on campus
Dial 2800
Off campus
Dial (403) 329-2020
Your Cisco Unity ID
Your 4-digit Extension
Default Password
Cisco PCA Website
Cisco Unity Domain
Cisco Unity Server

Cisco Unity System Administration and/or Technical Support Contact Information.

University Solutions Centre Phone: 329-2490 Location: E610

Direct inward dialling is available to all University locals by using the prefixes:

  • "329-" with numbers in the 2000-2999 and 5100-5199 ranges
  • "382-" with numbers in the 6725-6799 and 7100-7199 ranges
  • "380-" with numbers in the 1800-1899, 7201-7232, and 7234-7245 ranges
  • "317-" with numbers in the 2801-2899, and 5125-5074 ranges

Urgent calls or messages may be relayed after hours by calling Security at 2603.

City Calls

Dial 9 before the seven digit number

Long Distance Calls

  1. No personal calls may be charged to any University number.
  2. University personnel are encouraged to dial direct rather than to make operator assisted calls due to the costs involved.
  3. To direct dial, dial 9, then 1, then the area code, followed by the number desired.
  4. Please refer to Calling Card Information for further information respecting long distance calls.

Special Features

Call Forward

This feature allows you to route all calls to a pre-selected telephone at the location at which you would like them answered.

  1. Lift handset.
  2. Dial call forward code "#1", plus the extension number.
  3. Hang up.

To cancel Call forward

  1. Lift handset.
  2. Dial call forward code "#1"
  3. Hang up.

Call Pickup

This feature allows you to answer a call for someone else using your own telephone, when you hear a phone ringing in your own pickup group.

  1. Lift handset.
  2. Dial call pickup code "113"

Call Transfer

This feature allows you to transfer calls to any University local.

  1. Tap cradle button down once, quickly.
  2. Dial number of person to whom you wish to transfer the call (You may, at this stage, consult privately with the party dialled and then return to the original party by tapping the cradle button down once, quickly. This procedure is also used if the dialled number is busy).
  3. Hang up. This will complete the transfer.

Call Waiting

While you are on the phone, this feature notifies you that a call is waiting.

  1. You hear two quick beeps which are repeated once. To answer the second call without disconnecting the first call:
    1. Tap cradle button once quickly. You may go from one call to another by tapping the cradle button once, quickly.


This feature allows you to place a call on hold.

  1. Tape the cradle button once, quickly, and without hanging up, dial the code "#4".
  2. Replace handset.
  3. The user's phone will generate a short-ring at 60-second intervals notifying the user that the call is in a hold condition.
  4. To reconnect the call, lift handset.

Last Number Redial

This feature allows you to redial the last number if the line was busy when you first made the call. This feature functions on outside calls.

  1. Dial number and hear busy sound.
  2. Hang up.
  3. When you wish to try again:
    1. SL 1 phones - pick up receiver and hit your line button twice, and the number will be automatically redialled.
    2. 500 phones - pick up receiver and dial "1189", and the number will be automatically redialled.

Ring Again

When you dial a busy number, this feature automatically notifies you when the line is free. This feature functions only on telephones within the University system.

  1. Dial number and hear busy sound.
  2. Tap cradle button down once, quickly.
  3. Dial the ring again code "111"
  4. When extension becomes free, a short burst of ringing will be heard for six seconds.
  5. Lift handset while the phone is ringing.
  6. The number you dialed is automatically re-dialed.

To cancel Ring Again

  1. Before your telephone rings, lift the handset.
  2. Dial the code "#112".

Conference Calls

This feature allows you to set up a 3-way conference such that all three of you can hear and speak to each other. Both the SL1 Regular telephone and the SL1 Business telephone are capable of this feature.

Here's how to set up Conference calls if you are already speaking with someone and you wish to add a third person to your discussion:

On the SL1 Regular Telephone: (3-way conference)

  1. Tape the cradle button down once, quickly. You will hear 3 quick beeps followed by a dial tone.
  2. Dial the number of the person you wish to join your conversation. You are now connected to this person and the original party is out of the conversation.
  3. Tap the cradle button down once again, quickly, and all three of you are now connected.

On the SL1 Business Telephone with a "Conference" key: (5-way conference)

  1. Press the CONF key once. You will hear 3 quick beeps followed by a dial tone.
  2. Dial the number of the person you wish to join your conversation. (If the number is busy, press the DN key next to the quickly flashing lamp to return to your original caller).
  3. Press the CONF key once again. All three of you are now connected. (With CONF 6, repeat steps 1 to 3 for each additional person to be added to the conversation).

For further information on conference calls, and how they can be set up, call the Telecom office at 2129.

Telephone Equipment Problems And Changes

Telephone repair problems, request for new service or changes to existing services should be directed to the Telecom office (dial 2129), or fill out the Repair or Request form as appropriate.

Hours Of Service

The Telecommunications office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, (the switchboard is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm), Monday to Friday, except for statutory holidays. During Christmas and Easter holiday periods, the telephone answering service indicates to all callers when the University will reopen and requests callers place their call at that time. Emergency calls are referred to Security.

Canadian telephone and FAX directories can be used at the Library.

Telephone Billings

Each University account is billed on a monthly basis for telephone tolls incurred during the previous month. The University produces its own telephone bill through a Call Detail Recording System. Each University account will receive a monthly billing comprised of the University billing for all long distance calls made from each local, and a Telus billing for all operator assisted and calling card charges. Each University acount is responsible for its respective telephone calls and charges. Should there be a discrepancy in any billing, please contact the Telecommunications Office (2129) for clarification or adjustment.

Fax machine long distance transmissions are charged to the University based upon telephone equipment connection. Individual departments are responsible for these charges even if the receiving fax machine is out of paper, etc. Telus recommends that we NOT use auto redial for long distance fax calls, because it will retry numerous times, and each time your fax machine makes contact with the receiving fax machine, the individual department will be charged, whether the message is sent or not.

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