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Collaboration Tools consist of technologies which allow you to web conference with colleagues in remote on-campus or off-campus locations using audio chat, video chat, text chat and desktop sharing via the internet. IT Services manages an enterprise-level Collaboration Tool called WebEx.

WebEx works in a similar manner to other consumer-level Collaboration Tools that you may be familiar with (like Skype), but provides IT Services with the capacity to support it in our campus environment. Please know that, consumer-level Collaboration Tools will often *work* on-campus, but unfortunately we cannot support consumer-level tools to the same extent. Please visit this link for basic Skype Instructions.

Using WebEx, IT Services can setup a one-time web conference and provide you with all the necessary equipment to collaborate with colleagues over the internet. We can also provision a WebEx account to allow you control your own web conferences at will, without our setup assistance. We even provide training on how to use a provisioned WebEx account for your web conferences and collaboration purposes. Please see our WebEx Instructions for more information.

How do I request this service?: 

Contact the ITS Solutions Centre to request this service.

What is the cost for this service?: 

Some of the tools listed above require licensing costs.

How do I get help with this service?: 

Please contact the ITS Solutions Centre for assistance with this service (403-329-2490,, or Room E610, University Hall).

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Communications Technologies
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Email, Calendar, and Collaboration
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