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IT Services will ensure Bridge Bucks are properly loaded on to your account/card. IT Service will help maintain PHIL station terminals and ensure they are properly communicating with the server.

How do I request this service?: 

What are they?

Bridge Bucks is a safe and convenient method of transacting goods and services at the University of Lethbridge. Your money is deposited in a central account and your Campus ID Card is used as a debit card to access your dollars. No banking fees are associated with using this debit card feature.

How are they used?

University operations will accept payment by Bridge Bucks through a simple swipe of the card.

  • Urban Market
  • Markin Hall
  • Starbucks
  • SUBWAY (Not Student Union Location)
  • Tim Hortons Express
  • Booster Juice
  • Tim Hortons – 1st Choice Savings Centre
  • Bookstore
  • Print and Copy
  • Library and Computing Labs
  • Select U of L vending machines

How do I get them?

Contact any of the following offices to deposit money:

Self-serve cash load stations are also available directly inside the Library, across from Tim Hortons, in the Atrium and in section E of University Hall.

A minimum deposit of $5.00 is required at the above locations with the exception of the Cash Office.

Where can I use my Bridge Bucks?

  • U of L Food Services: Urban Market, Markin Hall, Starbucks, SUBWAY, Tim Hortons and Booster Juice (
  • U of L Food Service beverage and food vending machines (
  • U of L photocopying vending machines - located in University Hall, Anderson Hall, and Library
  • U of L Bookstore, Students' Union Building (

Can I use my Bridge Bucks for vending?

Bridge Bucks can be used in designated Food Services vending machines around campus, as well as designated copy machines. At this time Bridge Bucks are not accepted in any vending or retail outlets in the Students’ Union Building.

How do I know what my balance is on my card?

Your balance can be displayed at all cash terminals operated by Food Services, Bookstore, including vending machines and the cash load stations currently located inside the Library, across from Tim Hortons, in the Atrium and in section E of University Hall.

What if I run out of funds?

You can deposit additional funds in your Bridge Bucks account at the following locations:

  • University Cash Office
  • Bookstore

You may also deposit funds through the Cash Load Stations located directly inside the Library, across from Tim Hortons, in the Atrium and in section E of University Hall.

What happens with funds remaining on the card?

Money remaining on your account that you had deposited may be left on your account until the next academic year and carried forward year after year provided you have an active Campus ID Card. Bridge Bucks are not redeemable for cash.

What if I lose my card?

Inform Security at 403-329-2345 immediately, or:

  • Computing Lab - 403-329-2490
  • Food Services - 403-329-2493
  • Printing Services - 403-329-2622
  • Bookstore - 403-329-2611

Your old card will be frozen and deactivated so that no transactions can be made with it.

Visitor copy cards are like cash and cannot be replaced or refunded.

A new card may be obtained at the Computing labs in E6 University Hall.

What is the cost for this service?: 

There is no cost for this service, as it is funded by the University.

When is this service available?: 

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

How do I get help with this service?: 

Please contact the ITS Solutions Centre for assistance with this service (403-329-2490,, or Room E610, University Hall).

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Solutions Centre
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Help and Support