Vacation/Away Email

If you are a student, your "away" notice can be set in Google Mail by clicking on the "gear" icon, go to Settings, and scroll down to Vacation Responder.

 If you are a faculty or staff member, follow these steps to set your "away" (vacation) email or to set your forwarding address:

  1. Log in to Outlook Web Access
  2. Click on the 'Options' button on the left-hand side of the window
  3. At the top of the email options under 'Out of Office Assistant' select the radio button that says "I'm currently out of the office"
  4. In the text field directly below the line that reads "AutoReply only once with the following text:" type in the message that you would like people to receive stating that you are out of the office.
  5. Go all the way to the bottom of the window, select 'Forward it to' and in the space provided, type the email address to which you wish to forward.
  6. Click 'Save and Close'
  7. Click 'Sign Out' to close Outlook Web Access

To disable your away notice, follow the same steps, but select the radio button corresponding to "I'm currently in the office" instead.