Reference Resources

Please see below a summary of the Project Methodology employed at the UofL, as well as a copy of the turnkey training material created by the UofL ITS PMO on how to execute the various stages of the methodology.

Project Management Methodology 2015.pdf

This document containts a detailed description of the end-to-end project lifecycle, including definitions of the different types of projects the PMO is responsible for, the different areas of accountability and service offerings within the PMO team, and how projects are structured to support the methodology.


This document includes 5 turnkey training programs that align to the methodology provided, including exercises to reinforce key skills and abilities along the way. The training package also includes a sample schedule for planning course durations and the logical flow of material from one step to the next.

CANHEIT Workshop Zero to PMO.pdf

This document is a copy of the Presentation: "Zero to PMO: A Working Framework for Implementing a PMO in 6 months or Less" and details the process and steps necessary to implement a PMO effectively in a Canadian Post Secondary institution. This presentation was originally presented as a 3-hour workshot at CANHEIT HPCS 2016 in Edmonton, AB.