Common Project Roles

As you engage with the Project Management Office, there are a number of people who need to come together to make the project a success, and many of them cannot be filled by the PMO, or even the ITS team. You may be asked to contribute to the project in one of many potential capacities to assist the project in being successful. Some of these roles and the key responsibilities associated are below:

Project Sponsor
The sponsor is the most important role in any project. The sponsor is the ultimate "owner" of the project, and has ultimate authority over whether the project continues at any given point.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The sponsor authorizes the project's existence
  • The sponsor is responsible for securing funding for the project and sets the budget
  • The sponsor authorizes changes to the project's schedule and cost, if needed
  • The sponsor advocates for the project at the ITPC
  • The sponsor is the signatory on the Business Case, Project Closure, and SLA documents

**Due to the responsibility involved, only the following roles are authorized to sponsor initiatives: VP, Dean, Associate Dean, Director, Executive Director, or a member of the University Executive.**

Business Owner
The Business Owner is the focal point on the project for decisions impact the system's end users. They are often the primary point of contact for day-to-day operations of the project. Their job is to know the business problem the solution is solving and provide input as needed to ensure the system will solve the business problem.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The Business Owner coordinates the non-IT resources on the project
  • The Business Owner owns the requirements and their priorities
  • The Business Owner authorizes changes to the project's requirements, the selected solution, and testing criteria (if needed)
  • The Business Owner is the signatory on the Requirements Document and User Acceptance Test Acceptance documents
  • The Business Owner is responsible for the ownership of the system's configuration going-forward, unless delegated

Technical Owner
The Technical Owner is the focal point for the system's deployment, implementation, and maintenance after installation. This is usually a member of the ITS team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The Technical Owner contributes to and owns the system design documentation and Test Plans
  • The Technical Owner is a signatory on the SLA
  • The Technical Owner installs the system, configures user access and security, and supports it after deployment (unless delegated)

Project Manager / Business Analyst
The PM or BA assigned to the project will provide guidance and coordination of the various team members and ensure they are aware of and actively contributing to their responsibilities on the project.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The PM/BA forms the project team and coordinates team member roles
  • The PM/BA sets the schedule and cost estimates, and reports on their progress
  • The PM/BA reports on project status
  • The PM/BA coordinates vendor engagement
  • The PM/BA is responsible for securing ITS resources
  • The PM/BA may do the work of any of the other roles if they are absent or delegate that authority to them **while the project is running**.