Project/Portfolio Governance Objectives

Project/Portfolio Governance involves the processes used to identify, select, prioritize and monitor projects:

  • Establishment of the process of project portfolio governance, the definition of roles and responsibilities associated with it, and its policies and procedures.
  • Evaluation of project proposals to select those that provide the best investment of time and money for the resources available to the University.
  • Definition of the desired outcome and value of proposed projects, the anticipated benefits, and implementation/on-going costs.
  • Control of the scope of projects and the requested changes.
  • Monitor the progress of projects that have been approved and initiated, ensuring they meet the defined goals and objectives.
  • Measure actual effort and costs of project tasks, deliverables and milestones against the planned values.
  • Action to put projects "on track" as project measures demonstrate the need, including the escalation of issues that cannot be mitigated by the project management team and the PMO.
  • Improve The University's project delivery capability on a continual basis allowing it to complete projects in less time and for less cost while generating the maximum value.