Project Definition

Not every IT request will result in a Project. Following the UofL's structured Project Management approach can add value in certain situations, particularly where work is large, complicated, or expensive, but the majority of requests that come into the ITS team do not meet those criteria. For the majority of requests, the work involved in addressing these requests is small enough that going through the project lifecycle will slow down delivery and create more work than the value it will add. The ITS PMO will work with you to understand if your request classifies as a Project or not. If not, they will get your request into the appropriate team's work queue. If so, they will guide you through understanding if ITPC approval is required and help you through that process if so.

The checklist below helps to define whether a request will result in a Project or not. This is the checklist the PMO uses:

In some cases the PMO may offer to facilitate IT work that does not qualify as Projects on your behalf. These cases are usually when there are many small pieces of work that require several teams of ITS resources to be coordinated in order to be successful, or if there is a small amount of work but the deployment of the solution by the end user community is particularly complex.

Finally, not all requests that come into IT are actually within the IT department's ability to resolve. Some systems, such as the Banner SIS system and the Sports and Recreation system, are owned and managed by other departments. If the work requested is outside of ITS remit, the IT PMO will work with you to understand which department needs to be engaged to address your request. You may request the PMO remain involved to assist in the handoff and any technical design work involved in your request as part of our extended service offering to the University, or you may opt to take these on yourself. The choice is ultimately up to you and your PMO representative will explain the implications in either.